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  1. Splash brite are nice, going on season 3 for ours. The nite brite is okay too, but I usually only get a year out of that battery. And don't forget about regular bobbers with the small chemical glow sticks. I leave the silicone band on all of them, just in case a bunch of guests want to head out with me in the evening.
  2. At least they will let it all hang out tonight. I don't think they come back from the brink only to give away game 4 just because its going to be too hard to climb back. A semi-realistic goal should be to win tonight and figure out a way to win in Chicago in game 5. That alone would be a step forward, given we have yet to win in the windy city.
  3. We need Zach to play at 120% Parise effort. And we need everyone else to play at 90% Parise effort (some have barely cracked 50% thus far, Stewie I'm looking at you Bud). Absoultely do or die tonight. Same goes for Thursday. And probably the same for Game 5 really. I expect to see some shots going in up high on Crawford. And then for the fans to REALLY get after him. As to the TV thing, I think it sucks that the ratings are low enough not to garner NBC airtime. Who cares about all the stupid dramas on TV anymore? Alas I play by their rules and pay an $85 satellite bill. Doesn't make it right, but that's what I do. Go Wild!!
  4. ^^^Ahhh, the ice crew^^^ In other news the NHL finally posted the round 2 schedule for this series. Outside of the Thursday late start it looks good: Friday, May 1, Minnesota at Chicago, 8:30 p.m. Sunday, May 3, Minnesota at Chicago, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 5, Chicago at Minnesota, 7 p.m. Thursday, May 7, Chicago at Minnesota, 8:30 p.m. *Saturday, May 9, Minnesota at Chicago, TBD *Monday, May 11, Chicago at Minnesota, TBD *Wednesday, May 13, Minnesota at Chicago, TBD
  5. Hoping the guys can just savor it for a day or two. What a fun way to start the playoffs. Then back to work tomorrow! I still see Chicago as roughly the same talent we played each of the last 2 seasons. First year we were completely inexperienced (like Winnipeg this year). Last year we had the experience but weren't quite at their skill level. This year with Dubs and another year for the younger guys, I feel like this is a level playing field. Can't give the Wild an advantage given their level of past playoff success. Gonna have to out hustle and outplay them. Chicago really had to grind out some of those OT games, but that may actually work in their favor given the rest period. Should be a blast to watch!
  6. solbes

    Wild vs Blues

    Wow Dubs was awesome. St Louis owned us for the first 25 minutes or so. For large stretches of the 3rd as well. He definitely stole us one there. Have to give the second star to the entire line of Koivu-Stewart-Neideiter, those guys were all strong on the puck. I think we all would like to see an easier path by the team by winning game 6 tomorrow. And 1 game of rest is perfect I would think. But I have my doubts on the Wild taking that course. Come on, lets close it out!
  7. solbes

    Wild vs Blues

    I see Dubs bouncing back huge for us tonight. He is as mentally tough as any goalie we've had in a Wild uniform, so I see that toughness return tonight. Wild in 7 with road teams winning here on out.
  8. solbes

    Wild vs Blues

    Life has not been kind with the ability to watch these playoff games. Missed most of Saturday game while up at lake during clean up weekend. Going to be in the air tonight to San Jose during the game (will try out my new iPass in flight wifi widget). And then will likely still be working on Wednesday, missing at least the first half of the game. I hope to immerse myself in the remaining games, though I won't be too butt-hurt if the Wild can close it out in 5
  9. Winning game 1 was very nice to see! Some of the youngest guys on the team stepping up and scoring huge goals. Blues are going to play with some desperation tomorrow night so we'll again have to weather the storm in the first, with Dubs being the key cog in the wheel. Most worried now about how we play at home, but hopefully the insane X crowd will help out with that.
  10. I'm gotta say Pier is spot on here. CCHA was the first to institute the 3 point system. We're all aware (Pier included) about the CCHA disbanding with the college hockey shake up. USCHO article - CCHA / shootout / 3 pt system I'll say whoever wins the series between the Wild and Blues wins the West. Hoping the Wild, but leaning the other way. Out east I'm going way out on a limb and saying Caps.
  11. solbes

    NCAA Puck + Brackets

    I watched it a bunch and honestly don't know exactly how it happened. He clearly caught it midair and knew he caught it. I guess he lost grip of it and its starting to slip out. He peers over to the corner (to the ref?), starts backing up and then its too late. The kind of thing you'd probably have happen once all year across all NCAA hockey games. But what are the chances it happens with ~ 10 to go in securing a NCAA title. Feel bad for the kid, but the right team won
  12. solbes

    NCAA Puck + Brackets

    Totally agree walleyeking. Thought I'd tune in with 10 minutes to go and I wasn't disappointed one bit. Killer ending, unless you were O'Connor in net. BU even had a wide open net to shoot on with about a minute to go. Happy for the Friars on their first title.
  13. Denny...Denny Green? Is that you?!?
  14. I'd try to find some long nitrile gloves. Maybe double glove it if you really want to be safe. If you don't already, you should get a prescription from a Dr for an Epipen. Never know when someome might cook something with fish (unknown to you). Our daughters have peanut allergy, so we have to keep these around just in case.
  15. I was shaking my head at Keumps in the beginning of the game. The second was a snipe into the corner but he hardly reacted. Pulled it together though and finished very strong. Hoping he can get back to his earlier form. We do need a good backup option. More rest players for the finale in St Louis? Koivu, Stewart, and Suter possibly? Zucker looked great again last night, what a spark plug he is. A win and a 0 point night from Chicago would get us playing Nashville. Yes please.
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