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  1. Of course Lucia who is always scared to say we should win games says that the dogs aren't a team you want to play against now
  2. Yah, it was nice to see lucia had the seeds to bench alt. He has been just terrible.
  3. This is an ugly year. Gophs looking lazy and tired as usual. Lucia looks as if he doesn't care and guentzel a defense looks like a bunch of bantams. Oh and the sue still suck
  4. Gophs alternate this weekend and decide to loose Saturday. Sue keep it consistent and loose again on Saturday.
  5. The gophs are no where near the team they will be in 2 months. Lucia needs to quit putting defenseman at forward and also stop giving the 4th line a regular shift, especially when it's a 3 to 3 tied game in the third. That said we were thinking our defense would she amazing and our goalie would be suspect. Total opposite the entire d zone has been terrible accept the goalie.
  6. Gophs desperately need a sweep to get things on track. The power play is gonna have a huge weekend and become a difference maker. Since the gophs suck on Fridays and the sue are terrible on Saturdays, do you think they can just become 1 team and alternate each night during non conference play?
  7. I love how some people confuse revenue with profits. Don't forget to net out expenses. There are some owners that make no money. Actually there are a couple that loose money still. To a player that revenue share is all profit, to the owners there is still expenses. These owners have no way to bargain anymore if they don't make these ridiculous deals and contracts. We complain when we don't sign parise and sutter and now mule complains when. We do sign them. I don't think Donald fehr is even doing what's best for the players. He is doing this for his own glory. These players need to quit saying they care about the fans, they obviously only care about the money.
  8. It is crazy how everyone has already forgot about the NHL. The players are getting a steal with this deal. I don't understand what right they have to to strike anyway. I'll do that at my corporate office and I bet it goes real well. A bunch of greedy players putting the burden on concession workers, bartenders and janitors. All for what, to let don fehr build up his ego. They still never counter offered on the first 4 proposals. This is a joke. So now they will decline the offer, for money they get through escrow anyway, the will hold the new league alignment hostage to bargain for longer contracts.......... They better accept, if they don't I hope they cancel the season. I'd rather watch the gophs anyway.
  9. State was bad last night, or maybe we were that good. Still not sure. I thought we looked pretty sloppy, however it was the first game ans when you roll 4 lines games tend to look a little sloppy. Our goalies made some saves but he sure looked nervous. Pucks were bouncing off him. Our d is gonna be challenged to clear those rebounds against better teams. Any body watch the USA game. Looked like they double up shots vs sue. I was hopping for a recap on how facing looked. 1 goal 2 assists
  10. Here are my official picks 1 GOPHERS 2 DU 3 SCSU 4 Sue 5 Sconny 6 Duluth 7 CC 8 BSU 9 Kato 10 UNO 11 Tech 12 AA 13 Shorelunch 14.Brooks 15.yakfisher
  11. We did a year long one too. I just signed up for it again
  12. This new brooks is very tightly strung. It's gonna be a long year if he doesn't get some hunting in or something. Brooks. 7 over 50 for me this year. We still haven't hit that lake
  13. Sue players might better off doing their service elsewhere. They have a bad trackrecords with lawnmowers. Too tempted to through them into the street.
  14. Did you guys see predictions on the wild team site for the wcha? They asked the 6 or 7 former wcha players to rank this years teams. It's pretty funny. Rau is the only guy who votes his alma,atar 2nd. Gophs predicted 8th overall. It's awesome still seeing the rivalries
  15. Solbes, you still brewing your own beer. It's okto time. My goal this Saturday is to taste every oktoberfest brand I can find. Good point about BC. I hate Em, however unlike sue fans im not scared of them. I'm using this stupid iPad thing and I don't know how to open 2 windows at once so I can't reference any polls or make predictions.
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