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  1. We had the ACL replaced on our 9yr lab. Cost was about $900 or so up here in Bemidji. It worked out pretty well for her. She went nearly 5 years on it.
  2. Beautiful Memorial Weekend at LOTW. Warm temps light to medium winds and pretty good fishing. Fished walleyes in just three spots all sand/rip rap/rocl shores: just west of Beuna Vista, and two spots in the Sunset Channel. Jigs and minnow and jigs and plastics catching walleyes in 12 - 22 feet and often mixed in with smallies. Biggest eye was 24" with lots of nice eaters. Shallower depths as the weekend went on. My son caught two nice eater walleyes Friday night in Hansen Bay off a neighbors dock. Also went up to the Obaikon Channel and casted and caught northern after northern. It was a nice weekend. Back up soon.
  3. Great stuff, fellas. I be hitting a couple stores this weekend and have a list made.
  4. Great post and forum. Rob, would you post your smallie go-to's? Anyone else feel free to chime in, too.
  5. I agree 100%. "Fishing personalities" and their cronies in the booth huddle and won't even acknowledge customers. Very poor salesmanship and marketing. With all of the money vendors invest in their booths and travel expenses, you'd think they would mandate sales and education first and talk'ing with their "fishing elite" piers second. There are sales reps that are the exception, but it seems that many just want to be part of the "cronies" than actually work the show.
  6. Is Ring Free ok to use in non-Yammy 4strokes such as a Honda 225?
  7. I hunted my 5 1/2 month old lab this weekend. I introduced her to guns a few weeks ago but haven't had the opportunity to introduce her to live birds (can't find clipped pigeons in the "greater" Bemidji area). Anyway, because we may not get back out pheasant hunting again in ND, I took her with. Had her on a check cord the first walk but she stayed pretty close to me, so didn't have to use one afterwards. She got "birdy" often and chased up a couple single hens on her own along with a decent sized flock on her own. Was pretty cool to see. She also dragged a few dead roosters by the neck back to me. I was going to do my best to not to let her get after a wounded rooster, but thankfully all were shot dead. Still would like to get her to a game farm and still find some pigeons.
  8. Fished out of Morson Friday - Sunday. The wind howled Friday night into early Saturday morning. Saturday was beautiful weather - sunny, mid-to-high 50's and light wind. Started off for walleyes in a channel and did pretty well. No piggies, but a lot of nice eater size. Used jigs and minnows with fish caught in 12-26 feet. Water temp was averaging about 64 degrees. Went in search of muskies up in Burrows Bay in the afternoon. Unfortunately no willing participants. Then switched over to walleyes and fished another channel. Caught lots more eater size walleyes and some bonus crappie. Jigs and minnows again. Tried some plastics on and off but at most got some taps. The walleyes wanted live bait. Caught them in 16 - 26 feet. Sunday was again very windy. Went into the Sunset Channel and found some smallies and a couple northerns. Back up the first weekend in October.
  9. WFT - I'm heading up Friday - what type of structure/depth did you find the walleyes and crappies?
  10. We shopped for a freezer a few years ago for an unheated garage. You should get a manual defrost freezer (as stated above). I believe having the freezer in an unheated garage voids the warranty. Our's has worked fine for quite a few years.
  11. Back up to Morson this past weekend. Friday was a very nice day. Fished walleyes out on the points and humps west of Manitou/south of Sunset. Did well on walleyes either trolling spinners w/crawlers or minnows and jigging produced, too. About 18-20 feet was best. Saturday the wind howled out of the SW. We headed and hid north of Sunset Channel/south of Miles Bay and tried some new spots for walleyes. Fished the same depths trolling spinners and caught a few fish each spot. Caught tons of 12 inchers along with some 15-16 inchers. Biggest of the day of a 25 incher. Storms went through Saturday night with quite a few trees down between Bergland and Sleeman. Went back out to the humps Sunday morning and had some multi-species action. Used jig and minnows and caught an 18" smallie in 15 feet and my 9 year old caught a 36" northern. Still found walleyes in 18-20 feet. Marked them deeper but didn't get them to go.
  12. Was up at Morson this past weekend. The wind howled out of the SW, which limited where we wanted to fish. Fished for walleyes north of and around the Sunset Channel. Fished some humps and points catching lots of smaller fish. Tired trolling spinners and jigging with spinners doing better. Also fished for muskie and smallies with not much success. One of the more poorer fishing weekends in a long time. Back up next weekend and then Labor Day weekend (already). FYI, it' been pretty dry up there, but Morson/Hansen Bay got about 1.5 inches last night and further south around Berglund got pounded pretty hard.
  13. I've had really good luck with the JJV's Best stuff. Restore and Wonderfoam also work well.
  14. My youngest with an 18 incher this week. He loves the high brow hats . . .
  15. I have a 10 week old lab and am using Tom Dokken's Retriever Training book (and DVD's) with very good results. Very simple, basic and easy to implement. On my last lab, I used Game Dog (or Gun Dog - I forget) with good results, too.
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