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Dan Anderson

Chili Recipes

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A group at the lake are having a chili cook off this weekend and the prize is a hat, not a big deal.

Does anyone have a great recipe I can try. Sure would like to win the hat. Thanks.

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I don't follow a true recipe I just throw the ingredients in based on how much of each I have at the time.

Here is the basics though.

Ground beef -2 pounds

Diced tomatoes- the cans with the chillis added - 2cans

red/orange/yellow peppers 1 or 2

onions -1

garlic 1-2 cloves

corn - 1 can

black beans- 1 can rinse before adding

The amounts of each are approximate, really you can add as much or little of each as you like.

And then I season it to taste usually using Ancho chilli powder and regular chilli powder. My wife doesn't like it hot so this is usually pretty variable depending on who I'm making it for.

I bring a big pot of this along every year when I go my annual guys ice fishing trip on Lake Mille Lacs. Its the best chilli I've ever had and they guys demand it year after year.

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If its not a big deal, then why, "Sure would like to win the hat?"

Sorry, couldn't resist.

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Go with Mickey Gilley's chili mix, but tell everyone it was from scratch. Add Hormel Chili with beans, burger, salsa, mushrooms (canned button; preferably). Throw in some whole pickled jalapenos. Just a couple for flair and flavor.

I know, I know, it's not even from scratch, but it is my recipe and the boys love it. I will keep a secret. If you win, I get the hat on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every third Sunday grin

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here's mine....from scratch, I may add.

3 pounds ground venison/antelope/elk

3 large cans of WHOLE tomatoes without the paste/sauce. Two cans drained and reserved

0ne can dark red kidney beans, drained

1 med size finely diced jalapeno pepper, remove seeds and membranes

1 med sized finely diced anaheim pepper, remove seeds and membrane

one med sized diced white onion

about 3 oz chili pepper

dash or two of cayenne pepper

dash of ground cumin

tablespn garlic powder

black pepper


1 beef buillion cube

tablspn of bead molases. Plain ol molases will do.

1/2 teaspn of oregano leaves crushed in your hand

brown off burger.

just before the burger is done add the onion, jap & anaheim pepper & bullion cube

while browning off the burger, put the tomatoes in a big enough bowl and crush em with your hands then add the spices. Mix this well then add the kidney beans and mix gentely so they dont get mushed up.

Once the burger is browned add the tomatoe/spice mixture. It should be thick enough to hold a wooden spoon straight up. If this is too thick to your liking add alittle of the reserved juice from the cans. Heat to a simmer and let er go for a few hours stirring often. I don't eat this til tomorrow. This is enough to completely fill your average slow cooker. I'll hold back enough for a meal and freeze the rest in zip lock bags.

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