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  1. Some time or other I read a post regarding snythetic rope for winches on plows mounted on 4 X 4s. I can't seem to fins that post but, was wondering if asnyone has a brand name of this stuff. Ny asteel cabloe has snapped twice on me on a two year old outfit
  2. Minky, I hear ya. My Pa passed 37 years ago and every thime I use some his old fishing gear or tools I get the same feeling you had. These are the things we can treasure for life.
  3. I finally got mine mid June however, it would not kick out the spent rounds. Now, lemme tell how good Scheels was to me, they offered me an in-store credit or an exchange when they got more in. I opted for the latter. I just got it yesterday and popped off a few rounds to see if it would eject, which it did. Now to see how accurate it is.
  4. Anyone got thier hands on one of these new 17 Winchester super-mag built by Savage?
  5. I've always gone new rings and mounts when replacing a scope. Leupolds are my choice.
  6. You'll have to figure out the amounts. I'll take a jar of Valasic saurkraut, rinse it real good. Add salt, pepper, garlic powder, carroway seed, cubed potatoes, baby carrots and a bit of water. I'll simmer that for around 20-30 minutes. Meanwhile, I take the ribs and brown them off. Add them to the kraut and let it simmer til the ribs are nice and tender. I actually prefer the bone-in country ribs.
  7. take a jar of Valsic saurkraut, pour off the juice and rinse in colaner. Add carroway seed, baby carrots, cubed potatoes. Take your boston butt (shoulder roast), season with salt, pepper and granulated garloic powder and sear it in a heavy pan (cast skillet) Put it in a crock pour the kraut combination over the roast and let er go til "fall apart" tender.
  8. we've had Wild Blue for sometime now and are quite pleased with it. It's reliable enough. We do loose a signal during 60 MPH winds and blizzards, etc. It only 45 bucks a month and sure beats dial up. We do keep an account with AOL for backup with dial-up if we loose the sat signal. However, the service is alittle dicey as they do not have techs in all areas. Our has to come out of Nebraska or the Sioux Falls area.
  9. I'm glad you finally got around to doing something with it. You mean to say you and your bro just let it languish in the basement for 27 years? Shame on both of you. Hopefully your son will gain a higher respect and attachment for those small pieces of his heritage. I wish HIM the best with it.
  10. I've got one that pivots horizontally. I've been trying to wear that thing out with LR and mags for something like 20 years. Have to repaint the paddles quite often.
  11. The wife wanted to stop at a senior center indoor yard sale. I balked but told her I'd wait in the truck. I dropped her off at the door, parked, got bored so I went it. Lo and behold I spotted some kind of cast iron cooking pot. There it was a 10 inch Griswold chicken cooker with the hinged cover for a price of 27.00. I got it down to 25 and added some other stuff the wife picked up. Can ya beat that?
  12. I realize the main topic may be strayin but, just this evenin I was talking to a friend that retired from Black Hills Ammo a few years ago. They make that stuff in my back yard. Seems they called him and wanted him to come back for "awhile". I asked if they were hiring when he kinda hinted at "Oooops, I shouldn;t have said anything" so I dropped it.
  13. Picks, It's gonna be a hoot!!!!! Go heasd and goggle it. It's a necked down 27 (to .17) winchester brass that is used in construction guns. 20 grain pill is suppose to hit 3K while the 25 grainer is rated at 2600. THE fastest rimfire ever. Nosler is making the rounds. Savage is producing the gun. I talked to a gal at Savage but all she could tell me is that they should be out in April. A guy from the Bismark ND, area told me some place already had the ammo on the shelf.
  14. I saw this coming back in the late spring/early summer of 2008. I starting stocking up then with 19.00 bricks of primers, 19-22 dollar powders, 23 dollar bullets, brass, 9 to 14 dollar bricks of .22lr and 22 mag. As time passed and I used up supplies I immediately replaced them to my desired level of inventory. I even bought a .17 because that ammo was cheap cheap. To say I've got an accumulated inventory of 15,000 rounds would be accurate but not to include the potential to reload 100's more. Now I'm waiting with bated breath for the release of the ammo and guns for the highly taunte
  15. Try calling your enforcement agency and get a real answer before you try to explain while you are getting a ticket, "well, a guy on the internet told me".
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