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  1. I take every single lure I buy a tune it next to the boat, usually at about 4-5mph, that way I know it will run true at trolling speed.
  2. So I thought it be fun to share things that get us a little worked up when cooking for people, either at a resturaunte or at home. For me it's- People asking for ketchup after I put a steak on their plate Boiling brats before cooking them Anything "well done" And people who can't figure out when somethings done except by cutting it open What else drives people nuts in the kitchen?
  3. Sounds absolutly amazing washed down with a cold beer or two!
  4. Try 1 part flour, 1 part seasoned bread crumbs, and one part Panko bread crumbs. Dredge in egg, bread, and let sit in fridge for about an hour to stiffen up. Some of the best fish I've ever had.
  5. To each his own I guess...Nothing I love more than catching walleyes while pitching to shorelines or weeds.
  6. In-Fisherman had an article a few years back about "Bass" Spinners and walleyes. Shallow weeds are the place to be if you want to give it a try, like you said tipping the hook with a more walleye style plastic was the prefered method. From personal experience I can say that shallow walleyes will eat anything they decide is a meal, Mimic Minnow Spins have put alot of fish in the boat for me in the past. I fish them in almost a blended style between a jig and a crank, short rips like jigging but during a steady retrieve like with a crank. Trying to keep it near the bottom or the weed tops.
  7. I'd throw out another vote for just flat line trolling deep diving baits. If these fish are suspended 80' off the bottom already, they will have no issue coming up another 5' to crush a lure. Even a #9 Shad Rap would put you in the zone with about 120' of line out. Otherwise lures like Deep Tail Dancers, Walleye Divers, Rip Shads, and Salmo Bullheads would be good options to get down to around 20'. Keep it simple and everything seems to fall into place much easier. If you want to troll stick baits, then a 3-way is your best bet. Make sure your leader isn't to long so that you can't land a fish
  8. 8lb Power Pro, with a ML rod you'll love the no stretch line. No more big hooksets needed, flick the wrist and it's fish on! Small learning curve with braided lines, but not a huge issue. Breaking out of snags is much easier than with mono, no rubber band effect. So give it a few snaps and if it doesn't pop loose, point the rod directly at the snag, grab the spool with your hand so it won't give line and pull. Hook will straighten or the line will break, easy as that.
  9. You better find a new hobby then bud, it's all part of the game of fishing on a river. I could care less how many hooks, swivels, and sinkers I lose in a year as long as the motor stays running and comes back with a prop still intact...
  10. Yep it's two seperate licenses, two seperate limits.
  11. St. Croix Premier and Pfluegger President, should put you right at about $160. For a multi purpose rod it be tought to beat a 7' M Fast. If your looking for a rod to do everything but jig and troll with the 7'6" ML is a great option for rigging, pitching cranks, slip bobber fishing and does very well as a crappie rod as well.
  12. Thought I'd give everyone an update, just installed my Panther Tilt Trim a few days ago, haven't had it on the water yet, but it looks like a very solid unit and was very easy to install.
  13. I'll second what PJ just said, no steel leaders ever. If pike are numerous you could try adding a florocarbon leader, but don't go much heavier than 10 or 12lb line. I usually use a small crosslock snap. No swivel.
  14. Personally I've found that bank or pyramid style sinkers of lighter weights will hold equally as well as heavier No-rolls. I think the design of the No-rolls leads to them catching more water as they sink and drifting more. 5oz is as heavy of bank sinker as I keep in the boat normally. Mono line will let most of the debris slip off the line and not pile up on the sinker as fast as it will with braid. Not sure why this is, but we have seen a large differnce in the amount of [PoorWordUsage] caught on mono line compared to braid. Also pinching a large spilt shot up your line from your sinker wi
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