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  1. And if petro stays down like it has been (knocking on wood as we speak), that trip will be even better. I'm still going, regardless.
  2. Very nice eyes! Just goes to show you, even when everything else fails, tough it out and good things will come.
  3. Had a great day. Caught 4 total, all this size on a drop shot or shaky head. Can't beat it for November 1!
  4. Got got out today with the kids in the chill and rain. Managed a couple decent bass before the kids got too chilly. Bass are fattening up and still snapping! Going back Sunday for some walleyes. 72 degrees and sun forecast. Going to take advantage of it!
  5. Great pics once again. Your reports and pictures always fire me up to get out and fish. Thanks for all your posts this year. Look forward to seeing how your ice season shakes out. Best of luck for the rest of open water season. Who knows, you might have a longer one with the way the weather is! I know mine has increased by at least another 10 days. I'll take it!
  6. Thanks guys! And now I'm excited to go out and try it again!
  7. Both of you guys did a great job at that! Details please...and don't be afraid to dumb it down for me. Trust me, I need it dumb(ed) down. Tripod? Remote? Etc.
  8. State just added a new lake to the area. It is called Danish Alps SRA. If you are in the area, give it a shot. Lots of great structure and lots of eager fish to be caught right now. Lots of sorting if you are going to keep a few for the pan, but a great place to take the kids. My kids had a blast last weekend.
  9. Fall seems like it is just around the corner down here, then lo and behold temps are shooting up to the mid 80s for a week or so. Looks like you are having a fantastic summer up there!
  10. I dig the name. Loved Apocalypse Now! Nice project. You definitely got skills!
  11. Thanks for the info. That is definitely on my bucket list of lakes. What about gas? Is it readily available for the trip (vehicle and boat)? Or did you have to cart in some of your own for peace of mind?
  12. Always wanted to do a trip there. How was the trip there? Roads, etc? As far as logistics of planning, since I assume there isn't much around in the way of amenities, did you have to take that into consideration? Or is it easier than I think?
  13. For Cub Scouts we cooked a hamburger in an orange peel. I wouldn't recommend making that your primary meal as it works but isn't the most attractive meal. Did the banana thing as well. Marshmallows, chocolate chips, etc in a waffle cone wrapped in foil was a hit for dessert. Individually wrapped hobo meals, made by each kid (and to their liking) also went over well. Nice because it gives them a veggie option and they own it.
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