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Steve Foss

Thirteen hours, 100 miles . . . satisfaction

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It was a long day. But it was a good day. gringrin

All with the Canon 30D, handheld, and Canon 17-40 f4L, 100 f2.8 macro and 400 f5.6L, iso from 125 to 400, shutters from 1/20 to 1/2000, apertures from f2.8 to f16, snapper with 430EX flash with high-speed sync and -1 in-flash exposure compensation.









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All great shots, the first one I thought I was there looking through the lens. Lot of contrast and differant shapes drew me in. The eyes, those eyes, I think they know your there

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Very nice indeed.

Something very visual pleasing about image #2. I like it.

I like the turtle shot too.

All very impressive... as usual.

Something about image #4 though. It seems like it is just on this side of spectacular. Not sure what it is though. Might be worth revisiting.

Please don't take offense, the image is wonderful as is.... just seems like with the addition of one more element, whether it be movement, angle, composition, or the introduction of a sunrise or sunset, it would be just gorgeous. A true gallery image for sure.... I could be wrong too, something about the photo seems to be missing (I feel this way about most of mine).

I hope I haven't crossed a line with my suggestion. Especially since you didn't request a critique. My apologies if my comments offended. (post or not to post????..... I'll chance it with post.)

Awesome series!!

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Oh golly, pickinupafew. There's no offense taken. We generally don't offer critiques unless someone requests them, because most folks here just like to share their pics.

That being said, as far as I'm concerned, any image I post as a professional photographer and moderator here is fair game whether I ask for C&C or not.

I don't much care for image No. 4 myself. If I had to rank this series, it would be in the lower half. It's not bad, but it's not great, either. I think you are dead on.

If I had to rank my own lupine images in this thread, I'd rank that one last. I like the horizontal of the slanted lupines best, followed closely by the client shooting lupines (hand of man can be neat), with the other slanted lupine comp third. The horizontal image you see as lacking an element or two, IMO, lacks space on top. There was a road running through the top of the image, which I cropped to eliminate. Had there been more flowers extending upward into the distance, it would have been a better image.

Does that make sense to you?

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Sorry Steve... should have chosen to not post.

It's just that I get so excited to view your images. I am very envious of your home location. I have always been extremely impressed with your work. Especially fond of the black wolf you posted a little bit ago. I would have loved to be in your photographic position at that point in time.

Still, I get excited when I see the potential in the image I pointed out. I guess since it is a much more pleasant home environment than my 'hood.

My apologies on the unsolicited critique. I guess I am just living somewhat vicariously through your images that are always top notch.

Again, I stress no ill will. I have absorbed a great deal of info from your posts here.

p.s. dang, I new I should have chosen 'don't post'!!!

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DMN    0

Very nice shots stf, I like the first the best and on the snapper, I think the flash was perfect.

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Wow, Steve! Great work! That rookery shot is something you don't see everyday up here. They're around, but getting that angle was sumthin' else! The bottom lupine is the best of the flower shots IMHO.

How'd you ever get the snapper to slow down enough for a shot? grin

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Steve, they're all super shots, crisp, clean and razor sharp!

I like each and every one of them. It would be difficult to pick a favorite.

You oNLY had to put on 100 miles to get these results? I bet your guests would do that everyday for outcomes like that! wink

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I'm with Ken on the Lupine, the last one is picture perfect. You have high potential for sports and fast moving action with that turtle shot grin

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    • First time we have had this one in the yard if that's what it is. Not marked off in my book. 
    • Probably a bad board that was discontinued the month you bought the TV and no replacements are available because a million other people had the same problem.  I have had 2 Samsung plasma screen televisions go out in similar matter.  Fortunately i had a replacement warranty from Best Buy that replaced the first one and when the second one went out within a year they refunded my money and i went LG.  I believe it was a power supply board that was the issue with mine.  MY brother in law had the same TV and the video board went out in his but luckily i was able to swap the video board out of my defective television and his is still working.  Keep in mind this is when a 42"-50" television was $2,000 so a guy can understand the frustration when you only got 16 months out of it.
    • If you find a deal use whatever you saved to buy/make an extended run tank.  Things are worth their weight in gold.  Nothing better than ripping the starter cord once and never having to worry about it the rest of the weekend.  Delchcchi made a good point as well about having a place locally who is able to do warranty work.  Honda's notoriously are well built and I've never had a problem with mine but you never know. 
    • To this day, even though i had grand parents fight in it, i pretty much have no idea what the Korean war was really about.  All i know is that it was to stop communism from spreading.   I have the utmost respect for the people that fought for this country and from what i have seen of the Vietnam series I cannot imagine what that hell must have been like for both sides.  I believe a big part of the decay of patriotism in the US lately is due to the fact that a majority of Americans in my age group, including myself (born in '78), have not served in the military .  In the 50's and 60's young men were drafted into the war just like their fathers, uncles, and grandfathers were before them.  I am pretty sure if we would have a  law that made it mandatory to serve at least a year or two in the armed forces the viewpoints would be a lot different concerning the recent protests.    
    • I'm sure you've never disrespected an American flag in any way, right?    
    • I'm sorry for the insinuation, your slave days are over, just the residual patterns and brain grooves remain from years of conditioned thought exist. I hope you're working on smoothing those grooves out so you can learn again. Treadmill=Bad
    • Another option is once the TV goes blank, plug into a DVD player to the same HDMI port and see if the DVD shows video.  If no then its definitely the TV.  Possibly a cap on the video board.
    • I would say that it is pretty typical that Social Studies and History classes in High School are often a decade or two behind.   It takes time for the teacher colleges and textbooks and curricula to get updated and approved and incorporated.    Also giving things a good while to cool down is safer as well.  I don't recall my kids getting taught about Vietnam, and that was a decade or so after it was over.   I wonder if kids in high school today are getting taught anything about 9/11 and Kuwait and Iraq and war on terror and all that?   And if so, what they are being taught? 
    • Blackhawkxp Example!
    • Hello from the NW Angle of Lake of the Woods!

      Water temps are hovering in the low 60’s despite the very fall like weather we are experiencing. 

      The scenic Canadian shore lines are coming to life with various critters. Otter, bear and more making preparations for the coming winter.

      Walleye fishing in Canada is excellent with a jig and minnow or shiner. The most productive environment has been gaps at 15-18’ with plenty of current present. Good numbers of perch are being caught off deep edges or reefs at 30’ or more. Crappies are a little more difficult this week, the best chances are on a light set up.

      Around Minnesota, walleyes can still be had with a crankbait but favored methods are switching over to a jig tipped with a shiner on main lake points between 20 and 24’. 

      Muskies are moving deeper with anglers transitioning from casting to trolling. There is still time to boat a big fall fish!

      We hope to see you soon!
      Sunset Lodge
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