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  1. I really like that first one. I'd like to see a pic like that from laying on the ground right next to the skyscraper and shot straight up, then flip the pic 180 degrees.
  2. After an appointment this a.m. the sun looked pretty cool so I took a couple pics.
  3. I have an Eskimo Quick fish 3 that has about the same hub system as my Double Bull Matrix ground blind. Under 200 bucks for the eskimo. last fall I broke a rod in the double bull and they sent me 4 rods for just shipping costs. last week I broke one in the eskimo and I called them up and they are sending me some also. excellent customer service both companies! I just used one of the extras from double bull to use in the eskimo till those rods get here. I'm learning if you need to force it to pop open,STOP! and adjust a bit. The nice thing about the Eskimo is they have a flap all the way around the bottom that you can bank some snow on and it's fine with a low wind. if it gets really windy I screw down one of the 5 ice screws that come with it about 5 feet from the house and tie it down. works great! you can also use the screws to anchor the corners down also if you want. so if you are gonna use the ground blind just get some ice screws and it should work just fine but you might get a good breeze on your feet if it's windy if you don't bank any snow.
  4. I use to shoot year round till a few years go. Shoulder started to get sore and lottsa smallies to go after in the summer. Now I just hunt in the fall and shooting league again this year. mid 90's to 2000 I was shooting at least 250 shots a week.
  5. I was able to get out on 1/2/09 with a friend and I got 3 dandies. The last one almost went 9 1/2 inches.
  6. That's the nice thing about it. It's not a cometition but a way to grow in our photo taking addiction.
  7. Black Fingers from putting a hundred waxies on a hook!
  8. Nice! I really like the sun dogs on that last one. #2 has great color contrast.
  9. Thanks Hwood for the nice words. Yup I like the first one better also. Had to speed home from work yesturday to grab the camera and head to this spot.
  10. Pretty sunset in Sauk Rapids this evening. Which do you like better and why? I really like the first with a bit more sky but the second one is nice cuz of the trees.
  11. Continue I say unless it's a hassle and you are paying out tooooo much loot for the winner each month. Fun seeing the ideas that pop up.
  12. Maybe they are cousins to the teenage turtles??
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