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  1. DMN


    Also if you have an older copy of Elements, you may able to upgrade to CS4 for a discount. I was able to go from Elements 5 to CS4 earlier this year for $300 right from Adobe. Dan
  2. DMN

    A little action today.

    Nice shots XT, I think it is getting time to see the ground bare instead of under 12 feet of snow, feels like it has been about 11 months of snow.
  3. DMN

    My birds from Friday.

    Nice shots, I like the flying greenhead flock the best.
  4. DMN

    Looking for an upgrade in lenses

    I also like just center point focus so it doesn't lock on something other than the subject. One thing you could try if you are using a zoom lens is to start trying to find your bird with the lens zoomed wider and when you get it in the viewfinder you can zoom in. Dan
  5. DMN

    first visit to the bog

    Hated to cancel on you XT, but working on the well and digging up the broken underground water line will probably run over $500 when I get the bill, sure would have rather been taking pictures.Hope you still go up there. Dan
  6. All nice shots, I like this last shot of the Snowy and the powerline shot the best.
  7. DMN

    A chance encounter....

    Nice shots finnbay, the wolves are treating you good.
  8. DMN

    Lounging Doe

    Nice shot Thanks Dan
  9. DMN

    The old Edsel.

    Congrats also from me Paul Thanks Dan
  10. Nice pic, looks like a safe place to hang out. Thanks Dan
  11. DMN

    Mallard Comparison

    I have to vote for photo B also, I think that A looks a little confusing between the bill and the water. Photo A has a better angle in my opinion that clears this up. Thanks Dan
  12. Very interesting, I have only watched on tv, after your two posts I now know a little about it. Thanks Dan
  13. Very nice shots and interesting story. My hat is off to your daughter and the team, I would not make it through the day! Thanks Dan
  14. DMN

    Winter will soon be here

    Love the fishing pic, that has to be cold out there.
  15. Like that shot also Steve.