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battery for EFI - does it get charged while riding


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When a snowmobile has EFI - does the battery get charged while the engine is running, similar to a car or boat battery.

I found out you can download trail maps for a GPS, and have thought about using my battery for EFI to power my GPS while riding.

Does anyone see a problem to this? Could it harm my GPS in anyway?

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Just as DEADhead says. GPSSLEDMAPS. You can go directly to the link from the DNR HSOforum. Just download the maps for your GPS type to an SD card and your good to go.

I downloaded the full version, plugged my SD card in and the trails showed up. Very easy.

I have not gone for a ride yet to test the accuracy, but the trails around my home appear to be good.

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You should be fine. Yes it will charge, but drain when the machine is off and the GPS is used. Not much though.

Thanks for map tips guys! I just put a GPS on my sled tonight:


The other great thing about GPS's being on sleds, is some are MP3 players and let you listen to music while riding. Threw good head/plug phones of course winkgrin

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that is the same GPS and mount that I have. How did you attach the mount to your sled?

Did you just use the suction cup?

On my mount, when it is really cold outside, the suction cup seems to get kind of stiff and it won't stick to anything. I have only used it on my truck, and I need to warm the cup up before it will stick. And once I get it to stick, if the truck sits out in the cold or even my garage overnight, the next morning when I go to put the GPS in the mount, the suction cup mount just falls right off. I don't see how mine would possibly work on the sled.

do you have this problem?

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I do not know, I just put it in grin

As I lay in bed last night, what you just posted ran threw my head. I purchased a R.A.M. mount for it and I think I am going to mount it permanently wink.

Man does suction cup stick hard under good conditions. It is a mechanical style, not the press fit. I do not know how well it will hold up to cold temps and riding on a snowmobile. I do think it will fall off.

Thanks for the feed back

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Darren I tried messing with it last year, without much luck. There was an issue with changing the .shp files over to to the Lowrance format. I may try and mess with it again this season. I'm sure there are many more GIS gifted folks out there than me who could figure it out.

The one issue is that the internal memory likely will not have enough space to fit all of the trails for the entire state. What I was thinking of doing was loading the ones in my area on to the unit, and run the lakemaster card since it had such a good basemap.

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A little update on the XOG suction cup mount and using it on the a sled.

I have about 30 miles on it and it has not fallen off yet. It even vibrates at idle a little and is holding just fine crazy

I am going to give it another 30 miles and if it does not come off, I am going to bring back my RAM mount.

Hey, if I can get away with out having to punch holes in my hood, I am going to do it grin I have had the drill out, drill bit in the chuck and ready to bust threw, but something kept holding me back from punching holes in a new sled’s hood.

About 10-12 miles on Mille Lacs yesterday, going over hard snow drifts, ice ridges and snow banks and no problems. Not to mention 80miles round trip in the snowmobile trailer also, plus loading wink.

Fingers crossed smile

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