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  1. I got a set of FXR FLoating bibs on clearance from the place in Rush City that goes along with my jacket I bought last year. It is really warm and lite.
  2. I ended up selling my LX7 a few weeks ago to upgrade to the Helix 7. After talking to the Humminbird rep at the Gander event he told us to wait until the new one comes out. I am getting the Si CHIRP GPS G2N which allows me to actually create my own contour map for lakes which have no maps. We do some lakes in Canada in summer and winter so this is very exciting. The G2N will allow it to work with a IPILOT to follow a contour or depth. Don't have a IPILOT but hopefully in the future. Also it will be upgradeable over Bluetooth so if I had to do it in the boat I could. They just finished testing on it and will be shipping very soon. I already got the winter transducer and am trying to make a custom box for it.
  3. Are you using 1lb bottles or a hose and tank? If you are using a hose make sure you have a filter otherwise it can get plugged up fast.
  4. I am picking up a 2014 Skidoo Renegade and am looking to mount my auger on the back. My question is can the auger head be tilted down or does it need to be level or tilted up so the air line in the gas tank doesn't fill up? Or is it not that big of a deal once you have it upright to run it? Was thinking of mounting a Digger Mount in line so it sticks out the back as we do some remote lakes with tight trails. Going sideways isn't a option and trying to get a way from pulling a tub.
  5. I had a 949i with a big buddy set up for Lake Trout Fishing in Canada last year. When it got dark and -10 the heater couldn't keep it warm. Luckily we were done fishing at that point. Because of that I bought the 767i for those trips as we fish in our own houses so still plenty of room. It cut the area to heat from 60 to 40 sq ft.
  6. It was last years show that I got it at in St.Paul
  7. It was from Marine General and it was a Fri. Buddy is kicking himself for not getting one.
  8. I bought one last year at the show for $40 and love it. Very sturdy and comfortable. Packs away nicely in my tub. If you are taller then 6 ft your knees may be a little high after you figure in your boots adding a little height.
  9. I use my 949I for sleeping in during hunting and wondering if anyone has used a sealing spray to waterproof it. I hate dealing with the tarp but not sure if the spray will work on it. Would it help from the snow melting on it and getting absorbed while ice fishing? I just picked up a 767I for when I fish alone this winter also. Eskimo or someone should come out with a waterproof cover for these as I think there would be a good market for them.
  10. When ever I am going to a new area for hunting and fishing and have a legal question I always look up the CO in that area and call him directly. If he is the one who will be writing the ticket if you take a guess it is always best to hear it straight from him. I even contacted the Canadian CO last week about transporting a spear and he was extremely helpful. The CO's are a good resource for this stuff and I have gotten many tips on new areas to fish from these guys. What is nice is they will tell you the truth as they have no vested interest in lying to you like a small percentage of resort or bait shops would.
  11. I am pretty sure you can't have any motors including electric augers or trolling motors.
  12. When I first got into spearing I bought one of the laser ones from GM and told my buddy who got me into spearing that I didn't like how heavy it was. He said you want a heavy spear so the big ones don't swim off. Just let them sink to the bottom with it. I have never looked back since and think I will be happy with it. I see a lot of people talk about the lazers sailing. Has anyone tried to weld some fins on it like a "+" to make it fly straighter?
  13. It was $119.99. I do like the weight already. I feel like there should be a laser sight on it.
  14. I was at Mills today looking at decoys and saw the new spear by Clam. This thing is a beast and decided to pick one up. I was wondering if anyone has used one yet. It is nice and heavy at 8lbs. Hoping to break it in on Lac La Croix over New Years.
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