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  1. that thing would be a beast on rod and reel!
  2. a 4, 5, or 6 weight rod will work fine for sporing sucker fishing. I like prince nymphs, pheasant tail nymphs, or other simple nymph patterns. I bring a couple of different weighted flies depending on where the fish are holding. In shallow water, light flies are key, but I seem to find fish stacked up near fast water, trying to make their way past an upstream barrier. Sometimes you need some heavily weighted flies to get them to hang in the zone. Not much casting for this style of fishing, mainly just fishing with the leader out and dapping your fly through runs. @itchmesir: portions of the root will take longer to warm up due to the groundwater influence on many runs. a lot of little creeks up north will have runs of fish earlier due to water coming out of shallow dark bottomed bogs, as the water tends to warm up faster than a spring creek. Water temp is critical to get fish moving....
  3. read the application rules from the Permit Form. From what you said about your buddy's prior history, my guess is that he will be denied; the domestic charge is the big no no here. I would still check with your local sheriff/PD office and see what they say, as it will be ultimately be up to them to approve or deny the application, but it doesn't look promising.
  4. Tony, crawlers will work fine on suckers. I know a few of us guys on here target them with a fly rod. Sometimes fishing a nymph with a fly rod can be the most effective way to catch them, especially when they are stacked up tight. It can be a challenge not to foul hook them, especially with conventional tackle.
  5. I wish it was only a few more weeks around here, more like at least another month.... have fun slayin em while we await a thaw up north.
  6. nice catch lunker! I need to get into some whities myself
  7. In addition to the plugs, belt, tools, spare map, etc., I throw in a snobunje in case of stucks....
  8. Garmin is the current format available for download because most of the GPS units in use by the DNR are Garmins due to the State Purchasing Contract.
  9. My Daily driver to work in the winter and my ice fishing workhorse.
  10. nice work OnAFly. congrats on your first of many carp to come.
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