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  1. I would'nt mind learning a trick or two, from you Agape. But aside from that. Bassmaster weekend series has pulled out of Mn. That was a fun deal for me, but their done with us.
  2. Yes you're good to go, the battery get's charged by your stator. I run my H20 off my sled, all winter.
  3. You need to loosen up the rear suspension to get less down force on the skis, but not too much or it won't steer well.
  4. Glad your ok Zamboni, with out you, who would take care of the ice ?
  5. I would look at the track 1st, with only 1500 miles it should look like new. If there's chunks gone it's been beat. Take it for a spin it should'nt miss a beat, overall it should look to be in great shape with that low of miles. Check the compression if you can. Good luck
  6. Just charge it every night, you'll be fine.
  7. Now that's usin your noggin
  8. If your an aggressive rider I would'nt use them, shocks build up heat and covers help hold that heat. Not good!
  9. Sorry Bobby I was on vacation, no I'm not linked yet please email your phone # or ask for mine. Thank you
  10. Yes Clearwater West is the name of the lake if it's the right one, it's about a half hour or so drive northwest of Atikokan.
  11. I'll be fishing the Bassmaster weekend series 7-22-07 on white fish chain. I need to link with a non-boater. If interested please email me at [email protected] Thank you
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