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  1. Wow! Had a great trip but again shortened because of oncoming storm. WE fished Saturday and Sunday. Caught some MASSIVE crappies near a secret reef only 4 miles out from the cabin. Not a lot, but nearly all were over 13" We kept 18 for the two of us.... went up on top of the reef and hammered the walleyes from 4 p.m. to 6:30 in 14 feet, secret lure that glows red... many 16-17 inchers, one near 20... On Sunday it was -22 below zero in the a.m.! More like January than March... did warm up nice in the afternoon fishing was slower but my buddy landed more nice crappies and I landed a 27" walleye! My biggest of the winter... caught a ton of tiny saugers, too, 12" and under... left late Sunday afternoon to beat the storm home.. A very great trip, likely my last for this winter.... there is TONS of sow up there and lots of ice, Id say at least another two weeks of ice fishing... right through the end of the month.... snow conditions on the ice were very good not too bumpy and NO SLUSH... be safe all
  2. Heading up Friday for my 4th trip in the past 6 weeks! woo=hoo! Weather looks more like January, but who cares.... ....at this weekend last year no more cars or snowmobiles on the ice, it was already melting! What a difference a year makes! Be safe, ya'all!
  3. Three trips in the past 5 weeks. Saturday evening was the best 2 hours of the winter so far; tons of eyes, mostly small but some to 20".... one smallmouth 21"... friends got a 37 pike.... won't say how, when or where until I see more home boys givin' it up here.... back up in 10 days for one last ice trip...
  4. Boy pretty dead on this site, either no one is fishing or they are refusing to share info... I'm heading up Thursday for the 3rd trip in 4 weeks, but to hell with ya if I'll say when, where or how! Take care on the ice!
  5. Come on, somebody must be fishing up there??? Heading up Friday for a couple... anew news? Gracias.
  6. Had a fun trip. Found about 12 inches of ice, not as much as Tolenspl found. Snowed about 6 inches while we were up there. Great fishing Friday, slower on Saturday and Sunday. A few ridges out there. Toodles.
  7. Any help on CURRENT ice and fish reports greatly appreciated. Heading up Thursday through Monday. Will report when I get back. Gracias. Happy Holidays all!
  8. We were up last weekend in the 84 degree weather and, between duck hunts, caught fish in deeper current, 17-24 feet. Spinners and minnows. Great weather and a great cast and blast 3 days. (Props to DMoore for the tip on where to fish!) Heading back up tomorrow for 5 days but with snow and temps in the 40s, I'm done fishing, this will be all ducks. Take care, be safe all.
  9. Need fast help!! where are the walleyes? My last few trips have been for ducks, and we'll do that again this weekend, but it looks like 70 degrees, sunny and flat calm so will need to show my buddy some fish. Where the heck should I look for walleyes? Be specific! (Did have a fun experience Sept. 9 using lead core and plugs out on Big Traverse by the 3 Sisters, very odd in flat clam water out there!) Ducks have been very good, especially in evenings. Thanks for any help on the fish!
  10. Well it's past ripe now.. But the crop was okay in the far northeast. It's a total washout in Carlton, Aitkin and southern St. Louis Counties because of the June floods. Outside of those areas, it may be okay (for waterfowl, past harvesting now.) It gets better in the northwest which was much dryer. FYI P.S. Saw a friend drive his new mud motor earlier this week on the Ontario opener weekend and boat through our rice like a warm knife through butter! Now I just need to come up with the moola! Thanks all. More reports appreciated!
  11. Guessr... where did you see the bear in the yard eating acorns? Sounds like my place... we've had as many as 7 in the yard at one time! Glad you did well? (Why did you cancel a pheas hunt?!!!)
  12. Thanks all! Appreciate the info, keep it coming if more of you out there have experience with these things in rice. Anyone have issues having work done on surface drives? With the manufacturers way down south, what happens when something goes wrong? Is there much of a dealer network up here?
  13. Chub, what kind of surface drive do you run? It sounds like your experience is no different than a traditional outboard, which defeats the entire purpose. Let me know what make and model you were in when the rice balled up. I've herd this from some, but others claim they can just spin it off and go, no knife cutting or messing around. They can go through all the tules or cattails or lillypads they want on their videos, but nothing is like rice on a prop. Thanks
  14. Anyone have FIRST HAND experience using a surface drive short shaft mud motor in wild rice? I've seen conflicting posts but have yet to speak to anyone personally who uses them under rice conditions. They just don't have rice down south. Any help appreciated.
  15. Hey DMoore, I wondered if there was anyone out there, I had given up on this HSOforum! I had my 6 year old up last weekend and we also did well on smaller eyes, 14-17 inchers, same old spinner and crawlers (except the kids now make their own spinners to look like jewelry!) Not sure where the big fish went, haven't seen one since about July 26th... Took in the Big Island pow-wow which was fun... Back up on the 6th for some geese and ducks on the 10th! Maybe we will see you up there!
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