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lights inside quick fish 3?


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i have never used a quick fish but i bet the Hon Kon light would do good in it i have not seen one they did not do good in i spelled them worng on purpose becouse the site wont let you spell them right with out changing it to king kong

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I use a couple of different methods....

1. I spear alot out of my QF 3 so no light is needed.

2. I have a coleman propane lantern that runs off of one pound cylinders. It puts out an unbeliveable amount of light even on a low setting.

3. When there is enough ice we will either take a battery along or hook up to the truck battery with a cable with two clips to power a low wattage light bulb. Works very slick as we have a hook on the lightbulb set up that attahces right to the roof of the house and gives good equal lighting.

Hope this helps!

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I just hang a couple of led ufo lights up on the center roof poles, works great and cheap!

What Buddah said. You can pick up 48 led ufo lights that run on 3 aa batteries at northern tool for about 10 or 12 bucks each. A good way to hang them is use the velcro hook system that frabill makes (pick them up anywhere they sell frabill products for around 5.99 for a set of two). The hooks attach to your poles with velcro,(wrap around them, very sturdy.) and can even fold up in your shack. I use two of the lights in my portable and they are awesome. Lightweight, compact and very portable. (I just put the lights in my gear bag, and hang them when needed) Good luck with your new Quickfish!

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In my flipovers I like to use Frabill hooks to hang my jacket (I have the old style w/o velcro), rod bag, gas lanten, etc. Is the poles on thes hub style shacks strong enough to hang your gear from without having to worry about the tent sagging or a pole getting messed up?? I'm considering getting one of these but want to make sure I don't have to put everything on the floor/ice where it can get in the way or wet.

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Good Morning,

I have an Otter Wilderness Walleye flip over. I have some nylon strapping with hooks that slide over the square tubes. Then I bought an LED camp light that I hook on it. It runs on a couple of AAA or AA batteries. That provides great light. When done fishing, unhook it and put it in the pail. I think the light was 7 or 8 bucks. It is round and looks like a spaceship. That works for me. You might need a couple for a larger house. Have a good day.

Thanks, Bruce

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