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  1. I too spear from my original (7 years old) green QF-III. Its definitely not a bad house to spear out of and provides plenty of room especially since I like to cut a big hole. It does allow a little light in but for $150 what do you expect, that's why I prefer to use my canvas collapsible when possible. Like stated above, been also angling from my QF-III for 7 going on eight winters and have never, not once had anything for a floor and I use the house 40-50 times per year. Ive got good footwear/socks and want to stay as mobile and light-traveling as possible.
  2. I can't seem to find a good place to put this out there but I know some that frequent this area have put a few miles on. Anyone here at HSO-FM ever been to Sweden? I'm looking for suggestions/pointers for airlines as there are dozens of options with as many price points. I'll be there for 6+ months conducting wildlife research so will be needing more than just a passport, obviously. Have others traveled/lived abroad for a long period of time and care to share experiences and advice for a newbie leaving the USA?
  3. This is directly from Woodland Resorts Facebook page posted yesterday afternoon "5 inches of ice on Creel Bay. Folks are catching walleye and perch. Our crew will out on Monday to double check measurements to get a better idea of ice conditions in the bay. Cold weather later next week should really help. Very little snow on the ice."
  4. Thanks guys for the tips, I'll check into a couple of 'em. Also "Gordie" here on FM might be able to help me out.
  5. Hey guys, Been spearing for many years now and have always just used my dad or grandpas ice tongs when I'm out on an outing. Now that Ive moved away I need a pair for myself. Anyone have an old pair laying around in the back shed? I've seen plenty of ones that are cheaply built and pretty light duty. Looking for an older one if possible. Where is a good place to find some? [Note from admin: Your post has been edited. Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.]
  6. Thanks. I did a little internet searching and I am listening to the most recent show from this evening. Sure brings back some good memories when I used to listen every Sunday evening. http://www.mnsportsnetwork.com/full_arch...d=msbnchannel1#
  7. Its been years since Ive listened to Bear facts and Fish tales!! I thought it wasn't being aired any more. You say it can be accessed online some place?? Mind sharing which station I might find it at??
  8. I've got to go with the red and white combination as well. Honestly, I have never used anything but that. Been using a homemade 8 inch or homemade 14 inch red/white decoy for 10+ years and lets just say I have yet to be dissapointed, yes, I have had slow days but plenty of exceptional days with many many fish or a big fish.
  9. Looking at your picture I believe you have the arm upside down. Turn it 180 degrees. But as others said take your line from the spool, through the hole in the metal flap and then down the hole. Every time you set this type of tip up is completely different depending on wind speed, direction, ect. When I used mind I also put a small bend on the metal flap to help catch a little more wind. You then bend the flag over and tuck it on the backside of the spool (creating resistance). When a fish strikes the whole arm will swing towards the hole and then the spool will begin to spin and trip the flag. The only time I ever used the windlass tip-ups was for steel-head fishing on marinas on Lake Michigan in the winter. We also made plywood boxes around the holes and a cover with a small hole and slit for the line. They take some getting used to and aren't perfect but they do help with giving a small lure and or live bait some action (when wind exists).
  10. Honestly, I would book a trip or two through Woodland Resort. At the very least stay at the resort. They are very willing to hand out information to paying customers and want you to get on fish. A buddy and I stayed with them right after Christmas for a night in the motel they have and it was top notch and very affordable ($69/night) which included a stay for two people as well as access to the lake and tons of great information. We happened to just get there a couple days after a strong cold front and it really shut the perch down after it was the best it had ever been right out from the Resort in Creel Bay. The walleyes were still going pretty well and they were able to point us to a spot that clients the previous day had done well at and sure enough hungry walleyes were still there. From talking to the guys there the perch do usually stay together but slowly move around the bay and huge lake and it takes a lot of time to find them and stay on them(thus the perch patrol). That is the best advice I can give you after my one and only trip out there. We are planning to do it again maybe towards spring when they should be going well.
  11. 2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500: 45,500 miles. Sure has been a solid truck so far for me!
  12. Not in Frisco, but working all day I saw quite a bit of Bison Apparel on here in Fargo and lots of people stocking up for the big game! Should be a fight to end end tomorrow! Go Bison!!
  13. I had planned on hitting up LOW or Red when I had Thursday and Friday off this past week but after doing some reading I changed my mind to giving Devils Lake a shot. Called up Woodland Resort and they had a motel room available the day before. This is a top notch resort and my first experience with them but am already planning on paying them a visit again. Great service, nice clean rooms, reasonable prices, good food and drinks at the restaurant. A buddy met me in Fargo Thursday morning a bit later than we had hoped but were on the road at 7am. We dropped off our stuff in the motel room at woodland and headed right for the lake. Set up in 43 FOW off of Military Point away from the crowd in the Creel Bay gap. With the cold (cool) front that had moved through a few days previous it really shut down the hot perch bite. Fish wood look and usually a subtle movement of the lure they were spooked. Ended up icing three Walleyes 13-16 inches mid day all on a green glow forage minnow spoon and small chub head. We should have moved to 15-20 ft for the night walleye bite as advised but stayed deep and payed for it as those that were shallow got fish that evening. The next morning (Friday) we swung in to see if the resort had any pointers and they pointed us to the north end of the bay were a group had done well on Thursday. Set up off of a large high-line pole in 21 FOW. We were fishing by 710 am and about sunrise we steadily started getting fish. They were more aggressive than the day before and would at least chase when we jigged. Probably got 1 of 10 fish to strike. By about 0930 we had 8 walleyes on the ice (14-17) and tossed back a half dozen small fish. The next coupe hours really slowed as expected but by noon we scratched out our ten walleyes and put two nine inch perch in the bucket. Snapped off three fish (a 4-5 pound northern at the hole, 4ish pound walleye at the hole and another I never got an eye on. Overall a fun quick overnight trip, our first on DL during the winter. Vehicles were driving all over Creel Bay and both spots we fished had 15 inches of solid ice with a couple inches of snow on the lake but no problems for driving a truck around.
  14. After missing out on the last couple years of firearms season while finishing up my undergrad in Wisconsin and working a position in Mississippi, I was able to get back out in the stand in 2012. Opening day had a gun malfunction on a VERY close range fawn but redeemed myself in big way Sunday morning, with the heaviest bodied deer we've taken from our deer hunting area (205 Pounds dressed) and a respectable 10pt along with the doe he was pushing hard. I also picked up a doe Monday morning while hunting back on my parents home place as well (the first we've harvested there since moving 15 years ago) (This was an after hunt photo and I did have all orange on while hunting)
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