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  1. After driving in the stuff the last couple of days, the "check advancetrac" message appeared on message center of wifes 2005 Explorer. Does not help to hit reset and did not help to unhook battery. Anything I can check myself, and is it safe to drive without doing damage to something? No ABS or any other warnings. Thanks.
  2. I saw one of those ghost blinds and they have me curious as well. Would like to hear if anyone has any experience with them.
  3. A couple years ago I had my 1 ton hung up by the axels on a WMA road, guy had a 6" strap, tried the jerk a couple of times about 10 yds. I've had a lot of experience(fun) doing this sort of thing. I asked him if he'd ever seen the true potential of these straps, he looked at me funny and ??? I told him to back up to 10ft away from mine, floor it, and lay down in seat before it hit. I did the same until launch was over. My son said he'd never seen a 6" strap go to 2" that quickly. THAT is why you need solid hooking points(clevises) to do the really tough pulls.
  4. Whatever you get, make sure it's got the looped ends and not the hooks, as they can become dangerous weapons if they slip off during a pull. Get yourself a couple of clevices and you're good to go.
  5. Give Canary Beach Resort, Villard Mn, a call. Tons of kids there, awesome water toys, mostly seasonals and cabins, but have a little extra space without hookups if it doesn't mess with their permitting?
  6. We did one a few years back, also stripped it down to frame. We utilized the wheels, hubs, springs from frame, running solid shaft through the frame from side to side for the pivot points and "hold down" points for the wheel system. We used 1", should have used heavier as wheels are tipped in now. Not much strength in those pop-up frames. We used free "sandwhich panel" from a local manufacturer for the structure, about all we bought was plywood for floor, screws for assembly, and windows. A drop down can be done, but IMO you need something solid connecting the two wheel assemblies, as there is to much flex in those pop-up frames.
  7. My 11 yr old son is looking to get a 20 ga youth model. Was looking at the Mossberg 500 model and also the maverick 88, simply because of price. Have heard a few bad things about the Mossberg line. Any comments for or against would be appreciated. Also, any other brands we should be looking at that would be compareable in price ($200-$250)?
  8. Does the gaurdian need a license and stamps if not carrying a gun?
  9. My 10 yr old started to legally hunt this fall, but has bowhunted with me for about four years. I just set up a stand 10-20 ft away, and we have a hand signal system that works well, with a low volume mouth whistle for deer sightings.
  10. Dug the regs out, guess the 300's different rules may apply, but found my answer. Thanks.
  11. It shouldn't matter what zone,buck or doe, cross tagging is legal, but can a youth shoot one to fill a different tag?
  12. My son turned 10 on Oct 24, so we went in and got him a youth archery and also a youth firearms. He filled his firearms tag on a doe fawn. (Even gutted it himself). I did not fill my firearms tag, but still have an archery tag. My question is, can my son bowhunt with me in "party hunting mode"? Or is party hunting not an option with a youth license? I know I can't shoot one for his license, but can he for mine?
  13. I saw a rather confused and loanly button buck wandering around last night.
  14. From personal experiance, it will take a LONG time to get the stink out of it.
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