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  1. wishing for walleyes


    ​There`s about an acre of land here. I have a friend who has mega cucumbers in rows. I will snap a few more pictures one of these days.
  2. wishing for walleyes


  3. wishing for walleyes


    Mine are in the ground.
  4. wishing for walleyes


    How did your watermelons turn out ?
  5. wishing for walleyes


    In the first outdoor green house picture I had some tomatoes in 6 inch pots in the picture. Here`s a picture of the tomatoes.
  6. wishing for walleyes


    Watermelons are growing good.
  7. wishing for walleyes


    Here is a picture of my indoor green house that I germinate my seeds in And here is a picture in the outdoor green house today
  8. wishing for walleyes


    I am down in Fairmont. South central Mn. 10 miles from Iowa border. The watermelons germinate the best at 90 degrees. I saturate the miracle grow potting soil with hot water before planting the seeds. On the left hand side of the photo is muskmelons Hales best.
  9. wishing for walleyes


    I have good luck planting Cooperstown seedless watermelon. I use 3 different seeded for pollinators. I use one of the covered 4 shelf $30 green houses in my house with grow lights and a heater in it. The seedless watermelons will germinate in about 6 days if you maintain 90 degrees in it. Once they pop up its out to the green house outside for the natural light. I keep the outside green house 60 degrees at night. One thing I have learned to do is I use the 3 inch jiffy pots. I have had the plants over 4 foot long before transplanting. I just tear the bottom off the jiffy cup and have a 3 inch auger for my drill. the roots of the watermelon do not like to be disturbed. I bought my seeds from Osborn seed company online. $25 and you get 110 seeds. I plant 2 Cooperstown and then a seeded watermelon in my rows outside. They need sun all day.
  10. I solved this problem by splicing in a shut off valve about 6 inches away from the tank. I shut off the valve and then shut off the tank before I unhook the hose from the tank. It leaves the line filled with propane.
  11. wishing for walleyes

    Which Vexilar Do I Want?

    I have 2 of 28`s.Have had the 18 & 22 & 20.Gave my daughter the 22. They are all good.
  12. wishing for walleyes

    Which flasher do you like best?? In the market...

    Vexilar here. Flx-28
  13. wishing for walleyes

    Autum Color

    Could not miss taking this picture today.
  14. wishing for walleyes

    Outhouse Barrel

    Maybe start a garden.
  15. wishing for walleyes

    john deere hood

    There`s some on the big auction site that starts with an E