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Step by step guide wrap

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Figured I'd do a basic step by step with pictures. Hope it helps someone. cool.gif

Heres my basic set up. I have a power wrapper but it just collects dust. Learned turning by hand and just prefer it. I built this out of a few 2x4s, a 4x4, and some bent out eye bolts. I have the eyes spaced out at diff intervals so I can move it or the thread tensioner around depending on what support I need. Its not prety but functions well..


Tape your guide where you want it. Dont worry too much on being exact side to side. If your wrapping with the right tension you'll be able to move the guide a little to align things up. Your distance from the tip needs to be right...


Next, tape the thread to the left of the guide and wrap up over the guide. Stop about 5-6 wraps past the guide and cross the wrap back over itself. Now start wrapping up the guide.


Wrap up to the tape and remove it. Notice how the thread comming off the rod to the tension device has an angle back towards the wraps. Getting this angle right keeps your wraps nice and tight and you wont have to pack the threads much. Too much of an angle here and the thread want to climb over itsself...


Wrap up to within 1/8 of an inch of the enf of the foot and tuck a loop of scrap thread in under a wrap...


Put a finger on a the wraps and cut the thread with a few inches left to put through the loop...


Pull the loop through till it just starts to tuck under then trim the thread as close as you can with a razor or sharp side cutting nail clippers...


Pull it through and it should be hidden uner well. If a few fuzzys come through just trim em close then hold em over a flame carefully and they will disapear. If you need, pack the threads with your fingernail to eliminate and gaps..


Repeat the steps for a trim band but on a smaller scale. Tuck in the loop after one wrap, trim the tag after 2-3 wraps, a few more wraps then through the loop and back under itsself. Burn off and fuzzys and pack the threads in with your fingetnail...




Now your ready for a few coats of color preserver and the epoxy...

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Way to go DC!!! Nice photos too! Sometime try using cut rings of surgical tubing in place of the tape or even the Flex Coattemp glue they make for that. I even know guys who get crazier than that. A rubber band or above mentioned ring through a piece of tubing or unheated shrink tubing is adjustable and works good too. Some day I'll have to get the camera going and learn to upload! THANKS DC!!

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Very much an excellent post. I've done 4-5 rods, and it's nice to see how others wrap guides. Plus I kinda forgot, so this really helps. I like the tape deal. I used special micro rubber bands that hold the guild tight to the blank. Once you get the thread about halfway on the guide foot, you simply cut the rubber band off.

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Kirk - you have my e-mail. Dougie wants to get into building also. We talked the other day and he wants to take a road trip down here and get some in-person lessons on painting and wrapping. Im sure Timmy and Todd would jump on that too. Let me guess, the verticle heavy jig has been good. One of my all time favs, only problem is I only have maybe 2 dozen left. May have to get a blank mold and have one made...

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