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color choice


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i want your guys opinion on what color choice to go with for a surface lure.

the lure will be a "lil topper stopper" . a 4 inch surface prop bait that i plan to use as a follow bait.( by follow bait, i plan to have it on a rod, that will be in a holder most of the time for my girlfriend. this will just follow behind the boat with little or no action, as i work shore line and cast.) she will cast some, but just loves being out in the boat!

i can't decide between the black/orange; fire tiger/ orange; or the perch color. del

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IMHO, color doesn't matter for topwater. I believe that the fish only see lures as black no matter what the color, because of the whole sky in the background washing out the colors and making it appear black.

Colors and paint jobs on topwater catch more fisherman (myself included) then fish.

It's all about action and noise for me.


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Hey del,

I don't think the color matters too much on those little Mouldy's, more the pop off the prop and like RK says, if it squeeks a bit, it's good to go!

I do like the darker topwaters a bit more, but really it's the profile and the water they move or sound they make.

Any day on the water sounds really good at this point, eh?


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"Just go with hot pink, she'll love it." not an option!! grin.gif

this is just something i have thought about. since she is in the boat, mite as well give her that chance! that and i have seen enough muskie following behind the boats' prop. just never know! \:\)

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Hiya -

I don't think color matters all that much with topwaters to be honest. I do just fine on white bellied topwaters. For topper stoppers, I have a perch one (yellow belly, black back - guessing that's perch...) that has caught many, many muskies.

The topwater in the rodholder deal is fun. We used to use a Hi Fin creeper and called it "The Man Behind the Boat" because it looked like a little guy swimming back there. Had some fish hit it, don't remember actually hooking one ever. Always fun cuz you'd sort of forget it was there until a fish hit it and scared you half to death.

I think a suspending minnow bait like a Double-D 20 feet back would probably get clobbered too...


Rob Kimm

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thanks guys! RK ! that's interesting ! i thought having a set up like that would give her something to watch or cast while we are out. it will be set up on a H flipping rod,( it used to be 7'-6" but is now a 7' blush.gif) with 80# PP.i use this for smaller bucktails also. i thought a surface lure with a flouro leader would sit nicely on the surface, and maybe give us some excitment!

the only draw back i see this year is that the price of gas may really hurt my chances of getting to some muskie water very much this year! mad.gif del

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