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  1. Like cjac said, I use a HAvoc twin tail a lot. Durable, and cheap when they do get torn up. Will also use a big 5" grub or a cut off Grass Pig too. Main thing is stiffer plastic, and Hitch Series trailer keepers help a ton too. For gear, I use a 7'2" MH X-Fast with a fairly light tip, and 40# braid. With swim jigs, you tend to miss fish if you set the hook like you would on a normal jig. Took me a while to figure it out, but basically all I do when I get a hit is reel faster and sweep set off to the side. A sharp wrist set, and it is pretty easy to pull the thing right out of their
  2. RK

    Deep weedline Jigs

    awww... I know all sorts of stuff. Trouble is, not much of it is useful
  3. RK

    Deep weedline Jigs

    Never liked the Grass jigs with straight hook eyes for casting. They're great for close range where you're mainly setting straight up or nearly so, but on long casts, I've had some issues hooking fish. Far and away my favorite weedline jig is the Southpaw from North Star. Great head design, great hook, great color selection. They're gradually replacing most other jigs. My other favorite has always been the Northland Jungle Jig, but they discontinued my favorite color I tend to fish jigs fairly aggressively, especially in clear water, so I use a lot of 1/2 and 5/8 oz jigs. I'll go up
  4. RK

    Bass baits for kids?

    Swim jigs are great for kids. Can easily throw them on a spinning rod with braid if necessary, and they catch bass, pike, rock bass... Plus they're pretty snag-free.
  5. RK

    Pike Repellent

    I've seen pike bite through 60 and 90# fluoro like it's 4# mono. If you can cut it with a scissors, they can bite through it.
  6. Just a quick update on this. An amendment to remove the muskie stocking ban language from the house Game and Fish Bill was defeated by a single vote on the house floor last night. It had the votes to pass, but the Speaker held the vote open while the speaker's Legislative Assistant and the party whips ran around getting members to toe the line - which is strange, because it wasn't an official caucus position earlier in the day. During the debate on the issue, the chief author of the stocking ban Rep Tom Hackbarth (R - District 31B) stood on the House floor, and just flat out lied. I'm he
  7. RK

    Opening Day Weather

    Deep diving crankbaits are so, so overlooked for early season bass. Inside turns, etc., with last year's weeds that funnel into spawning areas can be lights out.
  8. RK

    Opening Day Weather

    If you'd have asked me in mid-January what the forecast would be for this weekend, I'd have said "high of 40, NW winds 20-25." It never fails... If I get out to chase bass at all, I may actually look off the edges of some of the spawning flats to some inside turns to see if fish that have sucked off the flat pile up there. Might be a real good weekend for a grub on a jighead.
  9. The new stocking ban language was added as an amendment to an AIS bill that had fairly wide support - and rightfully so. The initial amendment as proposed by Sen Ingibrigtsen had no sunset date, but at least that was changed to a 2020 sunset. There is not comparable language in the House version of the bill, so a lot may depend on who conferees are on a reconciliation committee OTC I understand your frustration, believe me...but this has next to nothing to do with walleyes or walleye fishermen. It's 100% about lakeshore owners who want veto power over how the DNR manages "their" lake
  10. Not a St Croix guy really, but I think they're the small frame guides but not true micro guides, which are really teeny.
  11. Just the latest on this... The original bill to ban muskie stocking was not even going to get a hearing in the Senate. So the bill's author, Sen. Engibrigtsen (R - Alexandria) added it as an amendment to the Aquatic Invasive Species bill. Since it's not in the House version, it will go to a reconciliation committee. Just completely ridiculous.
  12. True microguides can be a pain sometimes, with cottonwood seeds, and especially if you fish wild rice at all. Fished spoons in the rice with a friend of mine a few years back, and his rods had tiny microguides. After a couple hours he was ready to go Bo Jackson and break the rod over his own head. There are guides that are light frame, low profile, with smaller rings than a 'standard' guide. I have several of those and don't have many problems with them at all.
  13. RK

    Plastic Lizards

    I use lizards all season. Sometimes Texas rigged for sure, but actually use them as jigworms a lot too both for largemouths and smallies. Love the Havoc Boss Dog lizard on a jigworm. Cheap, durable, and some great colors. Falls different and looks different than a ribbontail, little bigger profile... I like 'em a lot. For smallies, the ISG lizard, which they quit making for a while but is now back in production, can be a good change of pace from a grub or jigworm.
  14. RK

    Punching weights

    For me 3/4 will do the job most of the time. I carry a few 1 oz., but rarely find them necessary.
  15. I've been away from the trout thing for...longer than I care to admit, but kind of getting back into it again this year. I'll be at it all next week out in the Black Hills actually. Haven't fished Spearfish Creek in about 30 years, and I'm really looking forward to it. (Actually that's kind of an understatement. I've been useless at work all week with trout on the brain.) More of a flyfishing guy when it comes to stream trout, but I'll toss spinning gear at 'em too. I spent quite a few years fishing one species almost to the point of exclusion, but gradually realized I was really mi
  16. Hi All - Thanks for the feedback, and the sincere answers. A couple answers to some specific questions: - The outright spearing bans on muskie lakes are really a thing of the past. I was part of the group that wrote the long range plan for muskie stocking, and from day one of that discussion, new spearing bans were off the table from the outset. When the legislation lifting the remaining bans was being discussed in committee last session, the MN Muskie and Pike Assoc. actually testified in favor of lifting the remaining bans. - The size limit change was really a result
  17. That's why most of my muskie rods have slightly different handles. I don't switch hands when I cast (always hold the foregrip in front of the reel and don't switch to my right hand to cast - just pick the bait up and fire it out), so the foregrips on my rods are all slightly different shapes and diameters, even though most of them are custom rods so I could make them the same if I wanted to. Different shape gives your hand a break. As for bass fishing, as I think I said earlier I do have a couple lefty reels I use flipping. Takes a few trips to get used to the feel, but once you get the h
  18. Coffee filter seems to work ok. For the simple green I just dump it. Acetone, if it's really cruddy I'll ditch that too. Part of why I use small jars. I can try to look up where I got them, but I found these glass jars with silicone seal lids online at a science lab supply place. For bearings I use one of those that's tall and skinny - not much bigger around than the bearings, so it's about 1/3c of acetone is all. US seems to work best, btw, when the water level in the tank is about even with the acetone level in the jar.
  19. Hopefully this won't turn into a flame war, but I have a question for spearers. Yesterday during testimony in a MN House committee hearing on a bill to halt muskie stocking on proposed new lakes, the statement was made by someone speaking on behalf of darkhouse spearers that spearers in Minnesota were unanimous in their opposition to muskie stocking. I realize the people here don't represent all spearers, but it seems to be a fairly broad cross section at least. So I thought I'd ask:Was that a true statement? If so, what is the reasoning behind it? Like I said, hope this do
  20. I don't follow tournaments very closely, but pretty dang cool to see Clunn win this one. Had a chance to meet him a few times at ICAST, and he was just a super nice, down to earth guy. At that time at least, the BASS guys all had the years they'd qualified for the Classic embroidered on their sleeves. Some guys had a couple row's worth of years, others a bit more. Clunn's went from his shoulder to his wrist. Kind of hard to take your eyes off it. Pretty neat to see him dedicate the win to Ken Cook too.
  21. RK

    Pike Repellent

    I don't use any kind of leader fishing jigs, and I fish in the NW and North Central part of the state where most of the lakes are positively overrun with pike. I also buy jigs a dozen at a time... Leaders cost me bites, especially in the clear water I fish, and even more than that, the knots, etc., pick up weeds, which drives me batty. If I did add a leader, it'd be a knotable wire like knot2kinky or Cortland Toothy critter, and it doesn't need to be long at all - 4 inches is plenty. I jig with 16# fluoro most of the time, which helps a little, but I still go through a lot of jigs. I
  22. I will switch hands depending on what side of the boat I'm on, but all my reels are right-hand retrieve. If I'm pitching left-handed I just wrap my thumb up over the reel's palming plate and thumb the top of the spool. Doesn't work with all reels - kind of depends on how they sit on the rod, and probably how big your hands are (I have long fingers). I can do it with my Curado E7s, and my old Fuegos, and hopefully the Tatula CT Type-R I almost have myself talked into picking up for a pitching reel. It's a little tougher with Revos and Lews because the top of the spool sits a little deeper in th
  23. Jigging yes, rigging no. I like it for vertical jigging because there's so little water resistance so it's easy to stay vertical. Rigging I've never liked it, just because I figure if I can feel them easily, they can feel me. That's probably illogical and all in my head, but... I'm not a big rigging fan as it is though (almost never use live bait for walleyes anymore). So my opinion likely isn't worth much Whelp, I take my spool of leader material, or a reel I have in the boat if I can't find my spool (usually the case), and pull off a piece about as long as I can stretch my arms ap
  24. Yeah, to me at least I just don't think you can feel them as well. Maybe it's just that you feel them differently, and I'm a set-in-his-ways dinosaur, but especially for jigworms, etc., I just cannot get used to using braid for certain things. Kind of schizo about it because I like it vertical jigging walleyes... Plus for casting if I'm using light jigworms, I hate, hate, hate having braid blowing around on me bonkers. Craigums - I use braid for small jerkbaits like Pointer78s, etc., mainly for smallies. I like it because I can cast a mile, but still have a lot of control even at the end
  25. Well... Other than jerkbaits and cranks I don't like braid on spinning personally, and I can't stand power pro - so no Kidding aside, I still prefer fluoro or even mono over braid on anything where slack line bites happen, such as jigworms or plastics. You cannot feel them with braid, and they can be tough to see too if the line's either sitting on the water, or worse yet, blowing around. I've tried it several times on finesse rods, and every time I remember that I hated it and why, and go back to fluoro. I know tons of guys do, so there's that, but I can't stand it.
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