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  1. porterhouse

    What gym do you go to

    I go to La Fitness and I workout at home also. In the winter months I do 2 workouts a day. Brian
  2. porterhouse

    Tach not working correctly

    Every spring I have this problem on my 115 Yammy 4 stroke. I spray WD-40 on the nuts that are on the tachometer (after I loosen them) then I tighten the nuts. Problem goes away. Good luck! Brian
  3. porterhouse

    Girth help

    Thanks guys. I release the fish. I caught Pike up to 41" before but they been on the skinny side. I didn't realize how fat the fish was when I release it. I knew it was thick but when I look at the photo on the camera I was kicking myself I didn't girth the fish. I have a 51'x24" muskie on the wall at home and I'm thinking the Pike was around 20" girth. Brian
  4. porterhouse

    Girth help

    I got lucky and caught a nice Pike last week. The fish measured 38.25". I didn't take a girth measurement. I need some guesses. I"m thinking about getting a replica done. [img:center] Thanks, Brian
  5. porterhouse

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    Caught on a crankbait working a deep weed edge. Brian
  6. porterhouse

    Why no love for rock bass?

    Love to catch them but there not around in the metro area. Fun to catch on lite line! Brian
  7. porterhouse

    Bass Photos

    Deep water Jigging! [img:center] Brian
  8. porterhouse

    Water temps where you are.

    86 on Orchard yesterday afternoon. Brian
  9. porterhouse

    Tire fender

  10. porterhouse

    Tire fender

    I blew a tire this morning and it took out my fender. The front of the fender frame is bent and I can't blend it back. Any ideas?
  11. porterhouse

    Tiger musky mission

    Keep throwing guys!! I fish Tigers a lot. This is my worst June for Tigers in about 10 years.I have about 22 hours so far with no Tigers in the net. I had 2 Tigers miss a small glider so far. Both these fish came from real thick clumbs of weeds in the 5 to 7ft of water. One fish was small and the other one was pushing high 30"s. Good luck! Brian
  12. porterhouse

    7 out of 10 on average????

    I see alot of big blades and gliders.. Brian
  13. porterhouse

    iphone update?

    I got the update this morning. I also haven't had any battery problems with my 4s. Brian
  14. porterhouse

    Gander Mountain Rods & Reels

    I have a couple Gander muskie rods and like them. Never had a problem with them. Brian
  15. porterhouse

    "Must have" musky lures?

    Willowbeast, X-glide glider, perka, vipers, mepps#5, and thunderheads. Brian