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  1. Another option is a motor cycle shop. That was were I found the small size in needed for something.
  2. Will up date this. All my info is coming from the Miss. face book page. The ice Is good, but watch areas with current. They have been doing well on blue gills, perch, and crappies! Not many reports on northern, but have been getting bass on tip ups.
  3. Ref. Is the screens going blank a locator issue, or could it be due to the location/ angle of the transducer? Had that problem with my bird. Changed the angle of my transducer downward. Made a big difference. Just a thought.
  4. As long as they are ALL sharp! I see no problems! And what is wrong with a switch blade? I have a permit and carry one a lot!
  5. Went over for a while Sat. morning, with wife's son in law. Neither of us could get any hits working jigs and plastics. I switched to my jig and float. Released a 24 in walleye.; 12 in smallie, then gave the set up to Dave. Took a little bit to get him using it right, but he managed four smaller walleye, and one keeper. I re rigged one of my other rods, and managed two nice keepers. Water was up, but fairly clear.
  6. Always a good idea to power off the starting batt. Some times you get interference if powered off the trolling batt.
  7. I'll just add, that if you can get on a body of water with very good clarity ( this spring maybe?) then you can use your eyes to verify what your sonar is showing. One video I watched said to do this, and it does help.
  8. The walleye fishing has been very good lately. I got out a couple of times. Many nice eaters, seemingly all males.
  9. I'll put my 2 cents in! I have not heard of any way to tell age of line when buying. It's a dump shoot! I get more concerned about how it was stored. ( still you don't know for sure) I have mono that is 7-9 years old, that I would still trust, BUT! I keep it stored in the basement and away from sun light. I don't use mono much any more. Had to go to braid for most things due to shoulder problems. I suggest buying a name brand, and feeling good about it, You can get a bad spool with any of them, but VERY seldom!( I've had a bad in braid and mono, but only once with each, and I go thru slot of l
  10. I don't troll much; but remember the guys saying the ugly stick trolling rods were a decent rod for not much money.
  11. Only got to be out once this spring( the river has been going up and down so much). Nothing to show for it, but it REALLY felt good to be out!! Hope for more stable water levels soon.
  12. If you change things. Check the lower unit out well! Judging by the pictures, the prop is kind of beat up.
  13. delmuts

    Aluminum vs Glass

    trout. With all the conversation! We do require a picture when you get it!
  14. I'll be the problem child, and say on. My thinking is that it tells me a little more about the reels history.( how it was used[ did it have braid, mono, or flouro], the outside condition gives a little info.) But,i learn the most when I open them up.
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