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  1. Well done sir! I've been out west more than once and not even seen an elk. Tks for sharing, much appreciated for firing up the primal instincts!
  2. Cooter


    +1 for chigger fry and also slightly larger styles like the berkley swordtail.
  3. Farm and barn has the snitch/descent combos - i will not be buying one. Messed with several and was not impressed. Think it will be spinning reels for me, might buy a fancy schooley type for 8 bucks and go back to the roots. I do not believe the reel on the combo i saw is the same as the one eyeguy had a pic of. Crazy monday at work, i could be seeing things again!
  4. Are no8 and 13 fishing owned by the same company?
  5. Meatball and lefse wraps, jerky, apple, candy, soup or hot chocolate.
  6. I see 13 has a new snitch descent combo, cant figure out if the reel is new or an existing one.
  7. Anyone have one? I do not currently own an underwater cam but am in the market. Pros and cons would be appreciated!
  8. The more i research there seems to be a consensus that there is not a reasonably priced inline reel on the market worth the price tag. Along those lines i dont recall too many of the guys making a living in the industry using them, even though a few promote them. Think mr genz, he has his name on an inline but i dont recall any youtube footage of him using one.
  9. Which no13s? See they have a couple. Anyone tried the inlines that sportsman direct offers?
  10. Had a cheap frabill and ditched it. What do you have and like? Eagle claw, fiblink, clam, frabill,?
  11. Durn it, will try to keep my eyes peeled.
  12. Think the only things i will do are to monitor the weather, had some hot temps last year, and play the moon peaks as far as when to hunt early vs midday vs late. Sounds like there are reports of movement correlating with moon overhead and underfoot, as with fishing.
  13. Looking to invest in a set that floats, probably not the best time to shop but if you run across a deal post it here. Any models to stay away from despite the price?
  14. Planned mine for first week of November, gonna look up the moon based predictions to see if there might be some days in there to hunt morning vs midday. What are you guys planning for? Guess i should say im talking bowhunting here in wi, is the mn gun opener a week before here?
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