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I've got 4 points And my kid has 3 He'll be 14 this hunting season. I'm hoping that he'll be able to get his first bear by the time he's 20. \:\)

I think its kind of funny that I seen more bears and heard about more problem bears, over the spring, summer and fall in zone A1 last year and then the DNR lowers the number of permit in that area this year. Kind of makes you wonder.

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 Originally Posted By: longcaster
Makes me sick that Minnesota hunters get a permit every year and we have to wait 7 years for a tag! There should be different tags for bait vs dog hunters.

Why should there be a difference? This year in D (formerly A1) the majority of permit holders will be bait sitters, due to being able to hunt the first week.

I think the WI DNR could give out a few more tags, but no-one is holding anyone back from hunting MN.

The big cost of bear hunting (dogs or baitsitters) is running baits with gas at $3 a gallon.

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dont get me wrong, I would like to see guys with dogs get tags as well and I dont have anything against it but I see a lot of this - one guy has dogs and they have everyone they know apply for a bear tag because tags are so hard to come by which makes other hunters wait longer for a permit.

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While I agree with you that we've got too long to wait for a bear tag, there are a variety of reasons.

The DNR requires a kill tag for dog hunters to hunt in kill season. So if a hound group doesn't have one, they can't hunt. I know of numerous groups that will only have 1 tag this year. Our group in fact only has one, which is a youth transfer tag. I think it's wrong to assume that hound groups have most of the tags, because that is far from the truth. Especially this year.

There many more applicants than before, (both bait and hound hunters). I believe though, that in the last 7 years or so the greatest jump in applicants are baitsitters.

I keep up with the draw pretty well, so I usually have a good idea on what it takes to get tags. Last year you were guaranteed a tag in D (formerly A1) if you had 7 points and opted to draw one instead of a preference point. This year with 170 more tags for our zone, you needed 8 points for a guaranteed tag and you had a rougly 12% chance with 7 points. Hound guys generally don't put in for preference and usually opt to take a tag any year they can pull one. So what that tells me is there were a high number of bait sitters that had 7 points last year, but opted for a pref point instead of a tag (because hound guys went first). So this year they drew the majority of the tags (roughly 500 of the 720 available) with 8 points.

I hope everybody has a great year and enjoys whatever way they decide to hunt. I wasn't trying to knock on anyone's prefered method. I figure we've all got a lot more in common than with others who don't approve of hunting in general.

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