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  1. Well this has been an interesting read. I'll just throw in that I've lived in different places in MN for 27 years and moved to a suburb of Kansas City, KS this February. There is no question Kansas Nice > Minnesota Nice. People here consistently go out of their way to make your day rather than the simple smile I remember receiving on most occasions in MN. I love MN. It really it a great place to live and raise a family. I'm just sharing the news that it's not the end all capital of "nice" that so many self-label it to be.
  2. The string of high temps and south wind stacked up some pretty hot water on the north end of the reservoir I fished yesterday. Highest surface temp I found was 102.
  3. matthothand


    I caught a 23 incher today and poor attempts at self-shot photos make it indistinguishable from a 5 pounder. My next purchase at BPS will be a golden rule (and batteries for my scale). The stick-on tape doesn't work well for pics on solo trips. If you count the jig mine ate it probably went 6lb 9oz. I wouldnt feel bad saying the first fish is a 7.
  4. I just moved to Kansas from Minnesota and there's plenty that I miss from "up north living" but I appreciate being able to target all species available year round now. The opener chaos every year is ridiculous to me yet a tradition to others. However this season opener situation shakes out, good luck and don't drown.
  5. This year I'm applying fish sticks brand scent to all of my slower presentations for bass. There's a bunch of shad here so I'm using the shad "flavor". I've been very successful in the past without scent and I definitely don't see it as any sort of secret weapon but I doubt it will have a drastic negative impact so I'm giving it a trial.
  6. Anyone have any spoonbill snagging reports? Mostly looking for Kansas info..
  7. Don't use your hunting bow for bowfishing. My hunting bow is tuned great and I didn't want to mess with it do I bought a recurve a few years ago for $100. I picked up the AMS bowfishing kit for another $100 or so and it's a great setup for me. At my draw I'm shooting about 45 lb draw weight but have the option to short draw and snap shoot. It's addicting. Shop hard and you can get a setup that will last years for $200 or less.
  8. matthothand


    Thanks for the input. After I get something lined up for work I'll do what I can to get after some wipers.
  9. matthothand


    Has anyone here targeted wipers (striper/white bass hybrid)? I just moved to Kansas and have heard these fish are aggressive, school, and can get bigger than the largemouth.
  10. Ha, well after tonight I don't think I want to talk with any Iowans. I'm spending the night in Des Moines due to a nasty snowstorm. So I'll be in town a day late. I am looking forward to the new hunting and fishing opportunities in Kansas though!
  11. I'm moving to Overland Park, KS tomorrow from Minnesota. Since there isn't a Kansas forum do all the Kansans hang out in the Missouri forum?
  12. Hold the gills closed, put your mouth over the fish's mouth, and blow. Apparently that is the technique used by In Fisherman's Gord Pyzer.
  13. I don't think it's a good idea. Too much going on in a small area for the dog to stay safe and know what's acceptable and you'll likely enjoy your fishing time less because you need to watch after the dog's well being. Heater, hooks, holes, expensive electronics/equipment, flopping fish... It just doesn't seem like a good environment for a dog.
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