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  1. Yes the fish was ONLY 24.5" long. If you are giving me [PoorWordUsage] for wanting to take a picture of this fish consider that I do not do much trout fishing and have only fished the brule for steelies 4 times in my life so I was upset with myself that I left my camera back in the truck and released her without a photo.
  2. I got a 24.5" steely last friday and then realized that I left my camera in the truck. #@&%[email protected]*$
  3. At my in-laws deer camp at the end of the day we do a little chant and do a shot of corn whiskey for everyone who shot a buck that day. -Can get interesting if we get 4-5 bucks in a day.
  4. I will be working in the Prescott area next week and was wondering where I could fish if I got a chance after work. Doesn't have to be anything special, just looking to wet a line as I have never been to this area and hate to be away from my home waters this time of year. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  5. tips like this are why I love this site. thank you for sharing. It is also one of those things that you say "why didn't I think of that."
  6. I heard it was at 230 last night and a few people were going to try it. - lets hear how you did.
  7. I have not been out since this rain and was wondering if lakes in NW Wisconsin are still fishable through the ice. Any reports from anywhere in the area would be much appreciated and would save me a trip out just to find that I can not get on the ice. thanks, Andy
  8. Always trying to beat my personal best of 44".
  9. Wow we have nothing like that here in Superior- just rain now, had a little bit of freezing rain this morning. Keep us posted!
  10. All of this melting snow and rain can not be good for opener. I usually only fish the river when it is lower and clear. What's some good stuff to throw when the water is high, fast, and stained?
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