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  1. If it is only 2 wires, you could always go into the unit and solder 2 wires of the same gauge to it and run enough length to get you to the battery box or fuse block. Should work in a pinch. Tunrevir~
  2. One of my fishing partners was up at Sturgeon Bay this week with two other guys and they fished weds morning, weds evening and Thursday evening and filled out with multiple triples and a couple times quads. Flashers and flies, and board lines with spoons just like the previous week but the fish were on a tear! Tunrevir~
  3. Fished last week out of Sturgeon bay and found active fish from 80-125' of water off the bank reef. Charter limits were reported and small craft catches varied from 5-6 fish to limits. Strong am bite from 530-730 and good pm bite towards dark, however we did make an early afternoon run and found active fish in 85-95 fow on chrome and green flashers with 57 chevy flies and cookie monster flies from howies tackle. Moonshine uv spoons put quite a few fish in the boat off 3,5,4,6 colors of leacore off boards with blue/green flounder and wonderbread standard sized spoons doing the damage. uv blue jeans in mag size and proking magicman mag spoons also produced fish. Dipsie lines set 87 and 103 back in the am and 125 and 133 later in the morning were good producers for us. We averaged 10-12 fish an outing over three outings. Surface temps varied from 58 to 62 degrees with all of our fish coming from the top 70' of water. Baileys harbor had mid sixty degree surface temps to start the weekend and fishing was generally slow but a strong south wind cooled the water and the fish moved in and were on the chew in as shallow as 50' taking a combination of flashers and flies as well as spoons as reported to me by a group of friends staying in that area. Temp break was 40' with low to mid forty water temps. Tunrevir~
  4. Wow, pretty quiet on this thread. Here is a second hand report from a friend that is out fishing. White and chrome flashers with green or blue flies, green or blue proking spoons have been good with blackfin tuna being a solid producer. Moonshine glow spoons in hot lips, emminator, bluefin tuna and happy meal have been taking fish with the RV series producing slightly better then the standard spoons. Surface temps are mid 50's up and down the coast from Keewaunee to Gils Rock with a temperature break at 50' down. Kings are hitting from 80-150' in the top 70' of water, Steelhead are going strong over the deeper water 200-500' and taking spoons up high with orange and red being productive. Heading out Tuesday and looking forward to 5 days of the salmon grind! Tunrevir~
  5. I would say that unfortunately, you will have to put up with the pesky panfish if you insist on live bait rigging this time of year. Some options are try working paddle tail minnows slowly along the edges with and without a clothespin spinner attached, cast shadraps or countdown minnows along the edges, try lipless rattle baits on a slow steady retrieve. Depending on the depth and bottom makeup, rip jigging feather jigs or jig and plastic combos may work well and draw reaction strikes while keeping the panfish at bay. These tactics will eliminate alot of the pesky panfish but not all of them yet still take aggressive walleyes. Chances are the walleyes are there to feed on the small gills and perch which makes cranking a great option. If you are steadfast in using livebait rigs then try working them nearer low light periods when the panfish are apt to be slightly less active and the walleyes more active. Tunrevir~
  6. Try posting this in the rod building forum and I would bet they could steer you in the right direction. Tunrevir~
  7. Okay folks, it is getting to that time of year to start heading over to Lake Michigan for salmon. Lets get those reports rolling in. Preferably, port you were fishing, depths you found productive and rigs and baits that you had success with. I am headed to the bank reef in Sturgeon bay this year and will be at the lake from July 13th to the 18th. I am learning new water as I have never fished this area before so it should be a good time. Sounds like the bite is starting to take off over there. I just love the squeal of the drag in the morning! Tunrevir~
  8. Spoke with a friend of mine and he reports that the bite is slowly moving up the shore on Lake Michigan right now. In sheboygan they are getting a mixed bag of coho, steelhead and kings from 60'-150'. Bows are active near the surface and coming off 2-5 colors of leadcore trolled off boards on spoons. dipsies and both spoons and flashers and flies have been taking kings and cohos. Keewaunee south is producing a few lakers and kings. Ports to the North are starting to put out some sporadic catches of fish but have yet to warm enough for really consistent fishing. Won't be long and things will pickup once the water temps warmup. Tunrevir~
  9. I use all three for different presentations. I cast a lot of crank baits and the lighter braids really give me a much better feel for what the lure is doing and if it is fouled. I have a spinning rod set up with braid for casting smaller crank baits as well. That being said, I have seen times when mono completely outfishes the braid setups when fished side by side using the same lures. Could be that the fish are line shy and more willing to hit a more natural looking bait. I run both power pro and mono dypsie rigs when salmon fishing and have seen times when the mono outfished the braid and vice versa, possibly due to a different action imparted to the flasher and fly or spoon coming from the dypsie diver. I troll on the river a lot and I like the abraision resistance and the ability to retrieve stuck lures with braid where mono would likely break off. Then there is the aspect of trolling where the thinner diameter braids at a higher test will allow your lures to reach deeper depths. I use flouro leader material for my salmon fishing and in clear water situations fishing for walleyes and bass. All three lines have a time and a place. For all around castability and general use it is tough to beat mono as it is easier to tie, supple enough to cast with, jig, rig and bobber fish with. I don't feel that there is any one particular line that is better in all uses then another and it really depends on the applications you want to use it for and the fishing situations that you find yourself in. I probably use the fluorocarbon the least of the three in all the different types of fishing that I do. Tunrevir~
  10. These can really add to the hole shot and are especially useful when you are running a boat with less then its maximum horsepower rating to get the boat on plane faster. Tunrevir~
  11. I fish shad raps often and have not had issues other then with "weedslapping" now I hand pick the weeds off. I have had large fish stretch the treble out of the rear of the bait when thrashing in the net but a little epoxy and it was back to fishing. If you are unsatisfied with the quality, like others have said, return to retailer or get in touch with Rapala and see what you can work out. For a bit of added insurance when I am fishing big fish waters, I will run a light bead of super glue gel along the lip where it meets the body just for a little extra insurance. Tunrevir~
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