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  1. wyldewal

    Fishing Minnesota Fantasy Auto Racing (4th Annual)

    I'm back in again. I know I can't do as bad as I did last year.
  2. That was a blast this weekend. I finally caught my first laker through the ice and that was all because of Jim. He's a heck of a guide. If he can get me to catch fish he can get anyone on fish. I want to thank him for all the help. Espeicially with the stump, I don't think I could have gotten it in without his help. (My arm's still a little sore .) I'm looking forward to doing that again now that I have a little more confidence. Great group of guys, good food and an awesome desert on friday night. Randy tell your wife it was perfect. Thanks for cooking on the ice, JarJar and Jerry. A hot lunch on the ice is always good. Thanks for letting me borrow your extra sled this weekend too Randy, It ran great. I also want to thank Craig for the use of the cabin and all the tips.
  3. I'm in for this And I have a whole bunch of kids to keep busy. just don't count on me to find a good lake. :-) It's a great Idea. I love getting kids into the outdoors.
  4. wyldewal

    Week 16 Winner

    Wow, I wanted to see if I could go 2 years without a win now I have to start over. At least it wasn't a solo win congrats muc33.
  5. wyldewal

    2008 bear

    I've got 4 points And my kid has 3 He'll be 14 this hunting season. I'm hoping that he'll be able to get his first bear by the time he's 20. I think its kind of funny that I seen more bears and heard about more problem bears, over the spring, summer and fall in zone A1 last year and then the DNR lowers the number of permit in that area this year. Kind of makes you wonder.
  6. wyldewal

    Week 2 Winner

    congrats Smoke, great week. It's a long season maybe I'l still have a chance to catch you.
  7. It was definanly a great time this weekend with enough food for about another 10 guys. The brats were really good where'd you have them made at Ripstick. I might have to take some of my venison up there next year. Wade, I'm glad you enjoyed the lope steaks they have a little diferrent flavor then venison but it's one of my favorite wild game meats. Northlander, I think I'll stay away from the freezer for a while, I think I've had enough. Nice pics Outdoor where's the one of my fish? Oh, that's right I have to catch something to get a picture. Jim thanks for the tips on where to fish. Some of us would have been fishing blind without them. They even caught some people some fish. Thanks to everybody who helped get the gathering together, very fun weekend.
  8. Steve, Jerry, Randy and me will be heading down on friday evening if there's still room for us. I just have to wait for the wife to get home from work. We should be there around 8:00 or so. I'm getting excited now only a few days left to wait. Any hot baits I should pick up before we head out. Not that there's anything that would help somebody as fish challanged as me, but I got to try.
  9. wyldewal

    Week 1 Winners

    Congrats to the top spots. I want to see if I can make it through the whole season without a weekly win. it worked for me last year. And this is a tough group, shouldn't be hard to get that goal.
  10. wyldewal

    Fantasy League

    fishinchicks, Over the last 2 years I've spent about 10 minutes a weeks on my picks 2 years ago I finished 5 or 6. Last year I won. The only difference was last year I forgot to switch my drivers a few times.
  11. wyldewal

    Fantasy League

    Harvey, you have to join I don't want to be the only champion in the league everybody will be out to get me, and I just got lucky last year. If your in it at least they can share the love.
  12. I'm up for going anywhere. perferably with some fish but if not it'll still be a blast. Steve, if you still have an extra one I'll borrow one of those rods. Thanks I really need to catch a fish and get a picture so I can change my avitar.
  13. wyldewal

    Fantasy League

    I have one question. Are we going to go with the point at the end of the season or are we going to do the chase thing. Might be good to know so drivers can be saved if need be. I like the points myself.
  14. Sound like It'll be a blast. I can't wait.
  15. wyldewal

    Fantasy League

    I'm back in this year. I have to try to defend my title. (formerly Clueless )