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Ice Castle Tail Lights

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I got a 2015 Walleye tracker last fall. I've towed with 2 different vehicles and the left tail light and turn signal doesnt work. It's the oval LED light, occasionally you can see 4 bulbs light up real faint. 

I've done some searches here and looks like a bad ground is a common issue with trailer lighting. But since the right lights work fine, could a ground still be an issue? I replaced the fixture with a new one hoping that'd fix my problem, but no such luck. 

Another inside lighting issue may or may not be related. The LED hole lights on the same left side dont work, UNLESS the antenna booster button is turned off. If we turn the booster off, the lights work at about half the brightness of the hole lights on the right side holes. 

Where do I start?

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Could be the ground for that light...  I'm guessing there is a ground wire from that light that runs to the common ground on the adapter that plugs into the truck?   Trace the wire from the fixture all the way to where it joins with the other side.  


They could also ground it through the trailer frame, check to make sure the connections aren't rusted up real bad.  

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My similar tail light problem drove me nuts. Turned out to be the ground wire on back of the truck side plugin. 

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The wiring is the same for your house. Yellow for turn, brake and brown for running lights and maybe a white wire for ground or a metal plate that touches the trailer frame. You could run a wire from the right tail light ground wire to the left tail light ground wire and that may be all you need. On my sled trailer that I switched to LEDs I had to tie all grounds together (White wires from each light assy's) to the white wire going thru the trailer plug to the truck. The white wire on the truck side connects to your truck frame. You could use a self tapping screw on your truck for a fresh grounding point for that. 

The hole lights are probably powered by a deep cycle battery. Not related to trailer lights. They are two wires + - with a switch on one of the two wires to open and close continuity to break power to the LED light from the 12v source. Find those two wires and connect directly to your 12v to see if they are bright. Sounds like the wiring is somehow tied in with your antenna and needs to be isolated from it.


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I pulled a skidloader trailer around for years. 99.9% of 12v problems seem to be a ground issue. About the only other cause is chafed insulation on the + side. Most auto parts stores have testers with small lights you can plug into the truck side receptacle so you can eliminate the truck if all the lights light up.

With the skidloader trailers I got to the point I'd spend about an hour trying to trouble shoot it, then rewire the whole thing to save time and my sanity. Use the old wires to pull the new ones thruogh.

If you check it out and it isn't the ground, check again because it probably is the ground.

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