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  1. Pat K

    Cooking Bear Meat

    dats a T-bone steak!!!
  2. Pat K

    Cub Cadet xt1 LT42

    Thanks for the info. Bought one today, picking it up Thurs. I got the bagger for leaves this fall.
  3. Pat K

    Cub Cadet xt1 LT42

    Spent the afternoon mower shopping after the tranny locked up on my 20 year old L200 John Deere. Have down sized to a larger than average city lot so I don't need as big of a mower. The L100 series John Deere didn't impress me, the Husquevarna's every one seems to carry seemed very light duty too. Just sitting on them and playing with controls the Cub Cadet felt and looked like the best in the 42" size. Any one have any experience with the XTI LT42? I'm not interested in zero turn or stand on mowers.
  4. Pat K

    Ice Castle Mini Toy Hauler advice please

    The cases she's seen were all non-commercial.
  5. Pat K

    Ice Castle Mini Toy Hauler advice please

    The odds of being caught with an over weight trailer are very slim. But my wife works at a Deputy Registrars office and occasionally some one comes in that had their trailer licensed for under 3000lbs and were weighed and ticketed for being over the 3000lbs. Fines are based on how many lbs over you are, whether you have brakes on the trailer and the mood of the sheriff or DOT officer that tags you. From what these people have told her the fines start at over $500, plus you may have to pay the registration fees for previous years. A few years ago Scott county deputies went through boat landing parking lots and compared GVRWs of trailers to how they were registered and ticketed several people for having trailers registered for under 3000lbs that were rated for more.
  6. Pat K

    Do Grease Zerts Even Work?

    Sorry but the word ZERT has been driving me crazy! https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/zerk
  7. Pat K

    Hotdogs for Pike

    When the crappie bite was still hot on Upper Red 10 to 12 years ago it was common to use cheap hot dogs under tip ups for northerns. I think it was a bait shop in Black Duck that sold a harness that held the dog in a horizontal position.
  8. Pat K

    Minnesota Shrimp

    Last I heard Pabst Brewing owns the Scmidt label.
  9. Pat K

    Snowmobile dead battery

    From C-TEK battery chargers: Bottom Line on the Effect of Temperature on Batteries Cold batteries hold their charge longer than room temperature batteries; hot batteries don't hold charge as well as room temperature or cold batteries. It's good practice to store unused batteries in a cool location.
  10. Pat K

    Snowmobile dead battery

    Batteries discharge slower in cold temps. Ask any farmer that has a lot of seasonal equipment, summer heat is harder on stored batteries than winter cold. The only trump card cold temps have is the ability to freeze a discharged battery.
  11. A new DMV computer system goes live on July 24 in MN. Most DMV offices state wide will be closed Thurs. July 20 thru Sat. July 22, offices that are opened will only be able to renew drivers licenses and won't be able to do anything with plates, tabs, titles or registrations. The offices aren't allowed to open their doors on Monday the 24th until the state gives them the OK. If you have tabs that are due Aug 1, I would do it next week because the first week with the new system it's bound to crash often. The new system triples the amount of data that has to be entered so it will take longer too.
  12. Pat K

    Transporting fish

    From The MN fishing regs: General Regulations: Transporting Fish Can I transport live fish other than bait? In most instances, the answer is no. You may not transport fish over land in enough water to keep them alive. You cannot transfer or stock live fish or fish eggs from one body of water to another. You can never transport water taken from any lake or stream.
  13. Pat K

    Fresh air intake

    My son clamped the fresh air vent shut in his house because he thought it made the utility room cold. After a couple weeks he had a CO detector in his basement going off intermittently. He found out he was creating negative pressure in the house and the furnace and water heater were back drafting.
  14. Pat K

    Painting pvc

    Krylon and Rustoleum both have aerosol primers for plastic.
  15. Pat K

    Thoughts on a new front door

    I don't have any experience with Therma Tru but we put in a Feather River fiberglass door 10 years ago and it still looks like new. Because of a jog in the house it only gets a couple hours of direct sunlight for 3 or 4 months a year so the exterior of the door hasn't faded at all.