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  1. Has anyone replaced the Flo Rite valve on a Stratos or Ranger? How difficult was it? I have reasonable mechanical skills but am 66 and don’t bend as easily or in as many places as I once did. I've watched the You Tube videos but think it probably isn't as easy as they make it look.
  2. Thanks for the update. Often people get us interested a problem but leave us hanging as to whether or not it gets solved.
  3. Many years ago a co-worker at a big box store did his own battery storage test. When he bought a new set of batteries for his 24v trolling motor he labeled the batteries and stored battery A in the boat in my unheated pole shed. This is MN so it saw sub-zero temp regularly. Battery B was stored in the utility room of his town home. He prepared them for storage by removing all wires, topping off fluids and charging them then forget about them for the winter. Every spring he tested the batteries and the cold storage battery was always a few tenths of a volt higher than the warm storage battery.
  4. That "box that had a trip lever" is your breaker. They do wear out and like Bob T said it could be a wiring issue in the motor or just a tired breaker.
  5. Does it stop running completely for 15 to 20 minutes? If it does it could be a self resetting breaker that isn't a high enough amperage for the motor or it's wearing out and trips to easily.
  6. We have names for the stands. "Stairway to Heaven" "Hell Hole" "The Runway" " Dumb Luck Stand"
  7. The optimistic Canadian resort owners on other fishing sites think July is the earliest the border may open.
  8. I guarantee they are all hand made. 50 lbs of dipping chocolate 10 lbs of white chocolate, mass quantities of sugar, coconut and fondant. Then 13 women put in 8 hours of mixing, rolling, dipping and trimming. Each family has some of the centers mixed ahead of time because they need to cool and set overnight.
  9. My mother used to make egg coffee for special occasions. That was 40 years ago so I don't remember how it tasted but a lot of old timers claimed it was the best. If you knew how to do it right the egg and grounds sunk to the bottom when you added a splash of cold water.
  10. With the amount they must go through in a morning I've always been amazed at how god awful most hotel coffee is.
  11. If by a traditional coffee pot you mean an electric drip coffee maker, they make a more consistent and better tasting cup of coffee but you need a generator to run them. Stove top percolators only need a camp stove or heater/cooker to work but it's easier to over cook the coffee and end up with a bitter tasting brew.
  12. Most electric appliances and motors require a higher wattage short burst of power to start than the wattage they require to continue operating. The 2200watt generator can provide the short burst at 2200watts to start an appliance but can only provide 1700watts for continuous operation. So in practical use it can only supply 1700watts to an appliance.
  13. My wife , sisters, nieces and daughters in law got together yesterday for their 39th year of making Christmas candy.
  14. Got a chuckle out of this. My FIL worked for Cummins for 44 years. Your spelling was good for a 5 or 6 minute rant from him whenever he ran across it.
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