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  1. My mother used to make egg coffee for special occasions. That was 40 years ago so I don't remember how it tasted but a lot of old timers claimed it was the best. If you knew how to do it right the egg and grounds sunk to the bottom when you added a splash of cold water.
  2. With the amount they must go through in a morning I've always been amazed at how god awful most hotel coffee is.
  3. If by a traditional coffee pot you mean an electric drip coffee maker, they make a more consistent and better tasting cup of coffee but you need a generator to run them. Stove top percolators only need a camp stove or heater/cooker to work but it's easier to over cook the coffee and end up with a bitter tasting brew.
  4. My wife , sisters, nieces and daughters in law got together yesterday for their 39th year of making Christmas candy.
  5. Got a chuckle out of this. My FIL worked for Cummins for 44 years. Your spelling was good for a 5 or 6 minute rant from him whenever he ran across it.
  6. The vinegar in Italian dressing tenderizes the meat and according to google other acids like citrus juice will too: Can you use vinegar to tenderize meat? When applied to beef, acids soften tough muscle at the same time that they give meat more flavor. What's more, flavorful acids run the gamut from simple vinegar to citrus or tomato juices. Choose balsamic, apple cider or plain white vinegar, or tenderize with lemon, lime or even orange juice.
  7. I use Wishbone Robusto Italian dressing. Most of the meat I marinade is feral pork from OK. Even the chops are tough. I cut them a little thinner than I would domestic pork and marinade them for 18 to 24 hours before grilling.
  8. I'll have to pass this on to 2 friends that are big fans of sous vide. Several other people and myself think the meat prepared this way seems like an incomplete dish. Like it should be part of a stew or soup but doesn't appeal to us as a stand alone meat. Searing before serving sounds like a good fix.
  9. I had corrosion similar to what you have by the hinge on an aluminum boat once. It was caused by electrolysis from a frayed ground wire. The corrosion was near a couple rivets and one stainless screw. The other spot near the "Fish House" doesn't seem to be near a fastener so I'm baffled by that one.
  10. My wife is more the gardener than me. She says that's what her father called that brushy looking weed..
  11. My wife says creeping butter cup
  12. If your floor is insulated you may get by at 750 watts, but if it's not insulated it won't keep it very warm in the house.
  13. I tried several years ago to heat a fish house with a milkhouse heater with a 2000 watt yamaha generator. It would not work on the high heat setting because the output was 1500 watt and the heater not being 100% efficient required more input than the 1800 watt continuous output of the generator. I found out the 2000 watt is surge output rating to start an electric appliance but the generator isn't designed to produce that much power for an extended time.
  14. While the price of repairs are a PITA, I don't remember the good old days as fondly as some people do. Cars were easier to work on but oil was changed at 2000 miles, bias ply tires were good for 15000 to 20000 miles, points & plugs were every 3rd oil change, road shoulders were littered with exhaust parts, there were a lot more broken down vehicles to see on the highway shoulder on long trips and vehicles were used up at 100,000 miles.
  15. It looks like the early tomato blight we had trouble with for a few years. We tried both a baking soda mix and a borax mix that were recommended on organic gardening sites, applying it when my wife planted then again 2 weeks later, neither of them worked. This year we used Bonide 811 Copper Sulfide treatment and the plants look great, no signs of blight. Just mixed a quart in a spray bottle. That was enough to treat 14 plants 3 times. Our son was having problems with late blight (black lesions on the stems) he's sprayed with the Bonide after the lesions appeared but said his plants are looking better.
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