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Jigging Rapallas

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Had a buddy out recently that did very well on walleyes using a jigging rap. I have never tried that. Looked at a few videos online and it looks like a good option for late summer through fall. Anybody else use or tried them ?

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A good option when vertical jigging. I'll have one on one rod and a jig on another.( we can use two rods  in Ia.) Also a great lure for newbies. Just get them sweeping it up and down touching the bottom once in a while. The fish will just be on! Don't have to explain what a bite feels like.  

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theres only one issue they don't tell you about with these.  unless you are fishing sand or mud, be prepared to lose A LOT of them.  

we watched all these pros clobber walleyes with these baits and i went out and bought about 10 of various colors and sizes.  they work really well but what they don't tell you is some of those guys go through 50-100 of them a day.   we lost all of ours fishing the rocks.  it certainly worked better than jigs or trolling over the top of them did but we were quickly frustrated after a handful of hours and had worked our way through them all almost.  if you didn't let them hit the bottom you didn't get bit . there were times where the fish ate them and unsnagged them they are such good baits. 

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • I'm OK with the replay if it's used for a challenge.  The automatic review is pretty lame though.   And I agree with Dave about the playcall.  If he would have thrown to an open receiver nobody would have said it was an awful call.  Cousins effed that up.
    • I have an terrova with Ipilot, (not link),   I lay the trolling motor in the bottom of the boat which is stored in covered storage.  It has been fine for several years.   Gets darn cold up around Cook.   No problem.  On the other hand I bring my depth finders and transducer home and store above freezing due to bad experiences with Lowrance transducers in previous years and ambiguity in documents about my elite 7s I have two  
    • ^^^^^^^^   1. zimmerman and stefanski should be fired, cousins benched. (or released)   2. the review by the "experts" in NY has destroyed any legitimacy this sport may have had.   Should note cousins contract. speilman got played. (he should go too)    
    • Ive never really been a fan of replay.  I think we've all seen cases where the refs still screwed it up after replay so we're trading one bad call for another.  Its interesting to hear the rules guy they have commenting on the broadcasts.  They always give their opinions on how they see the play and whether it should be overturned or not.  Yesterday there were 2 reviews that they disagreed with how the officials called the play after review which shows how its all still subjective.    You can look at every single play during a game and probably find something to call on both teams if you look hard enough which I think is a case of what happened during Diggs touchdown that was called back.  Cook either ran into the defender or intentionally tried to block him.  I'm not sure its 100% clear either way and isn't the benchmark supposed to be "clear and indisputable"?  Unfortunately now that replay is a thing pandora is out of its box and I don't think it can ever be put back in.  
    • 1. I think the play call was fine, Cousins just F'ed it up. Play action on first down after you have been running up and down the field on a team is pretty standard but throwing into triple coverage on a play like that is not.   2. Anyone who has ever advocated for instant replay review in sports is now getting what they deserve in my opinion. I could have told you that there would be a natural progression that would lead to this point and beyond. I say get rid of replay review in it's entirety and live and die by what referees call on the field. I was told at the beginning stages of replay that the reason was "so we get the calls right". If that is really the reason, you should be happy they got it right. 
    • Only 2 comments on the game.    1. What a lousy throw by Cousins in the endzone and what a lousy play call.  They were running the ball right down the Packers throats, why would you not keep running it.  2. I think I hate the new PI replay.  To take a touchdown off the board because they noticed someone maybe sorta blocking when they reviewed the scoring play is kind of a joke.  The PI wasn't called on the field and no one challenged it.  When you're reviewing the scoring play it seems like you should only be reviewing if the player got the ball across the line without losing control.  Pretty soon they'll be reviewing every lineman to make sure they weren't holding on the play as well and that none of them moved a thousandth of a second before the snap.  If that happens I hope they also review every defensive player to make sure they didn't move early, hold, or engage a receiver after 5 yards.  It really feels like we've gone too far with this replay thing and they're using it as a answer to everything when sometime you're just exchanging one bad call for another.    I think thats all I've got besides the fact that I haven't been real impressed with the NFC north so far.  The Packers and Vikings look average to decent but hardly superbowl contenders.  The Bears squeaked out a win but they are looking like they don't have much to work with at QB.  And the Lions as usual aren't worth talking about.  
    • The roof is finally on and I got some of the wiring started.  The tin came in over the weekend so I was able to pick that up last night.  I will start to put that up this week if the weather permits.
    • This is where:   Big Dave2 HSO Legacy Member Don't know much about football, huh?   😁   Doesn't matter if we have a good QB. We're a running team! 🙄
    • I hope they draft a good QB next year. That was a shiatty play call on first and goal to begin with. Pack aren't that impressive, neither are the Vikes.
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