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  1. 6-4 on their toughest road trip of the season so far, not too bad Glad to see Garver & Cruz back as well.
  2. Kimbrel too, Cubs signed him 3 years/$43 mil
  3. The rookie only gave up 5 hits but 4 were homers. Lindor had 2 for the Tribe & that was pretty much the game. Rosario & Gonzales were the only ones who did much for the Twins.
  4. 3 of 4 from TB, on to Cleveland for 3
  5. Another good effort from Gibson in the win against TB yeterday, going for 3 in a row today with Odorizzi. Gonzales & Buxton were the heroes with the bats.
  6. Some 23 year old lefty that they got from LA in the Dozier trade pitched 6 strong innings last night.
  7. Tough stretch of games coming up, have to see how they do. Perez starting tonight, TB for 4 after that, then the Indians for 3
  8. Don't you have any coffee cups?
  9. Seen the guy again yesterday & asked him if he was finding many & he replied that he thought they were just about done down here already.
  10. They sure had the long ball working again yesterday with 8 HR's. They hit .326, had 37 extra base hits, & outscored the opponents 67-27 on the road trip.
  11. Could be worse look at OK, Kansas, & Missouri!
  12. Another good start from Perez last night, Kepler & Adrianza with 5 of the 7 RBI's
  13. Talked to a guy at HH yesterday who said he found 6#'s on Tueday, down here.
  14. Gibson's best effort, 2 hits & 11 K's, by far last night. His stuff was moving all over the place, good control too with only 1 BB. They had the bats going as well with Cruz being the only starter to not get a hit.
  15. Another Berrios gem & a Garver bomb last night. Gibson tonight & he struggled last time out, so did the "D" though.
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