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  1. Nice win last night with Kepler & Schoop doing the heavy lifting. Some tough but good work done by the bullpen too. Yanks beat the Indians as well.
  2. Tough loss, Romo 2 run HR late.
  3. A nice comeback win last night. Got some good work from the 2 new guys in the bullpen & Cleveland lost in 10 innings.
  4. They had their chances to make the last 2 against the Braves a lot closer but couldn't get the big 2 out hit. Did hit it hard a couple times in that spot but the Braves "D" stepped up. Gibson gets the ball tonight.
  5. Maybe if you called them & talked to them real nice...................... oh wait, I forgot who I was talkin to......................... forget it.
  6. Hard to watch that 1 last night. At least the bullpen did a good job& the bats came alive in the 6th. Too little, too late.
  7. They do seem like a bunch of good guys who all get along & have fun playing together. Romo's even mentioned that in a couple of his post game interviews already.
  8. A lot of that is because of his speed & he thinks he can catch everything. I'm sure there's been some discussion, at least among the brass, on trying to get him to tone it down a little. Hope he figures it out on his own as we need him healthy, especially the next couple months.
  9. Yeah, I've heard Bremer mention it quite a few times but it's still kind of hard to believe the difference in their record when Buxton starts. With him starting it's something like 25+ games over 500 & when he's not it's more like 15 games under 500.
  10. A nice win yesterday with the shutout. Buxton. Pineda, & Dyson to the IL though. Braves in town for 3
  11. Another crazy game last night, thought Sano's error was going cost 'em the game. May & Romo were the only ones able to do much right on the mound. Good thing Cruz & Kepler were hot.
  12. I think that the fact that they had to used Rogers in the last 2 games played a big part in that decision. At least the Astros beat Cleveland & they're still up 3
  13. Like Bremer was saying today, with this early trade deadline they can't make any trades if 1 of the big guns gets hurt. September 1 they go to a 40 man roster, anybody on the expanded roster on 7/31 can play.
  14. I heard Buxton mentioned a bunch in all the Syndegaard talk, personally I'm glad they didn't go for that. Houston traded away 5 or 6 of their top prospects yesterday, better have a real good minor league system if your going to do that. I think Washington & Atlanta did the best job without selling the farm yesterday myself.
  15. We picked up 2 pitchers today, Diplan (AA) from the Brewers for cash that they were out of options on so he didn't cost 'em much. The other, Dyson, from the Giants for 3 prospects & appears to be a pretty solid reliever.
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