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  1. gunner55

    Saw first motorcycle out today

    Brother has had his out since Thursday, Needed a new battery, which was delivered Wednesday
  2. gunner55

    Duffman solo in pics

    Had over 2 ' here in the last week. Blower & plow on wheeler, so not much shoveling. Good thing!
  3. gunner55

    Super bowl goodies

    Make that X 3
  4. gunner55

    Vex or Marcum

    Check Vex's homepage they usually have reconditioned units for a little more than 1/2 price.
  5. gunner55

    Super bowl goodies

    Where's the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ?
  6. gunner55

    Vikings VS. Saints

    I believe the thinking on not getting a penalty was that they weren' t going to score & the clock was going to run out. So the only way they'd get another play to kick the FG, was with a defensive penalty
  7. gunner55

    Instant pot

    Niece had 1 on her Christmas list, she lives alone so we got her the 3 qt. one from Amazon, ~ $50
  8. gunner55

    Fish House Build

    Harbor Freight has a magnetic towing light set(2) that's < $20, right now
  9. Vexilar has reconditioned ones on their site for about .60 on the $1.00
  10. gunner55

    Weed whacker issues

    Unleaded gas / ethanol & sunlight dry them out pretty quickly, so they crack easily. I think Reb's right on the gasket as I recently had our small rototiller apart to replace a primer bulb, it too had cracked, & that gasket was sticking out a bit as well.
  11. gunner55


    Just filled our feeders, here at the lake, again last week. They weren't completely empty either time but it's the 3rd time we've added to them.
  12. gunner55


    Seen another, around the garden, this morning. Looked like he was checking out the red cones on the tomatoes.
  13. gunner55


    Had 1 at the feeder on the shore Monday, when we got here.
  14. gunner55

    96 mercury 75hp rpm problems

    We haven't
  15. gunner55

    96 mercury 75hp rpm problems

    We have the same issue at times with a '02 Crestliner FH & '02 115 Yamaha. Other times it will work perfectly for extended periods of time