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Nils question

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I have been having a problem with my Nils power auger where it drills about three to four inches into the ice and then comes to a halt. There is no down pressure being applied and if I apply up pressure it goes into a high speed wobble. It's not a dull blade as Surface Tension sharpened it last spring and I didn't use it until last weekend. A buddy thought he could possibly smell the clutch heating up. I'm no gearhead so I thought I would throw it out there to some of you guys that are. Any thoughts?

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 Email me. [email protected]

 Could be a few things.

Old gas.  I recommend 87 octane mixed at 80:1 Amzoil Saber with no other additives.  Come Spring when it comes time to put the auger away you can use a non ethanol fuel with a fuel stabilizer.

Dirty carb and carb needing adjustment.  I have a 262 here that the owner said never cut right. I did a carb adjustment and he'll be getting back a Tanaka/Nils ready to rip holes.

 Blade too aggressive.  Do you have another blade to try?


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I had the same thing happen with mine. I would say it's your carb.  I was gonna rebuild it I ended up just replacing the whole carb.  

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I have 2 heads, 1 is a power point and other is not, don't remember which it was but was cutting like your but a little deeper like 10"-12" then stopped, When talking to Frank he did mention it could be to aggressive sent it to him and came back fine after he did whatever he did . ;)

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