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  1. slurpie

    Nils question

    I had the same thing happen with mine. I would say it's your carb. I was gonna rebuild it I ended up just replacing the whole carb.
  2. Going to South Dakota this weekend. What depth should you look for perch in, or just look for the transiston? I plan on drilling a lot of holes not afraid to work for them. Will the perch bite during the day or is it more of a prime time bite? If someone wants to pm me that would be great. Thamk you.
  3. Glad I got a gas motor 270. I really want the bigger motor though. I also have the adapter for a Milwaukee drill. The combo works good but when in thicker ice it does lag behind a bit compared to the actual gas motor.
  4. I have spears that look like the dillo. I'm pretty sure I'll be spearing slot of 10' depth. I'll try the dillo spears and see what happens. Can a person add weight to a spear.
  5. What is the weight of a normal spear ? Or what is the weight of a heavy spear?
  6. What makes s spear good? What makes the schooly spear so wanted?
  7. What kind of structure do you guys look for to spear on. I have found one lake I want to spear the sand grass ends at 9-11' I try to find that and set up there which is a little deep. Inside that weed line is a gravel sand mix and it gets shallower 6' will northerns go on the sand or do they stay more toward that weed line at 9-11'. I've really been trying to find tall weeds but that's not happening. Just wondering what you guys think. Thank you
  8. Got this 36". This morning. I thought and wish it was bigger. Or it would still be swimming. Came in smoked the decoy. I speared it not good I ran out of rope buddy stuck it knocked my spear out. He only had one tine in it. Got off in the hole. I stuck it again pretty good he put his back in for good measure. Wow. I'm hooked it was fun. My goal is to get more 24-28" let the nice ones swim.
  9. I have another spot. That's shallower have not tried I think will be good. There is a bunch of houses around the area. I looked on a map found this spot on a 6000 acre lake and no one for a few hundred yards. That's the fishing I like.
  10. Started spearing 5 days ago. Finally got on a spot with some northern. Missed the first one got him the second time. Ended up with 3 24-28". I was in 12' any tips for spearing that deep. It was fun.
  11. But we as consumers have a right to know about iffy company's. I will never put money down again without a guaranteed delivery date and conquences to them if they don't deliver. A question to original poster what made the elite house so much better that you wanted their house? I feel your pain.
  12. slurpie


    Once you get the hang of the skins it it can make cleaning fish way faster.
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