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  1. 504A for me. Taking a newbie out this year if he was drawn. Need this weather to turn around pretty quick.
  2. The storm last weekend has moved the birds into the heavy duty winter cover. We had pretty good hunting in the cattails the last couple of days. Perfect weather helped.
  3. It's definitely picked up down here in the Worthington area as well. Almost all the corn is out and that has made a huge difference in the number of birds being seen. Best time of the season coming up with roosters in the cattails.
  4. Pretty poor for us in the Worthington area. Six guys shot one rooster and missed one. Way too many crops in the fields yet to get too serious yet.Nice pic and good looking pups.
  5. Saw my first brood of pheasant chicks yesterday. Nice size brood of at least eight or nine. Not very big though size wise. The roadside counts next month are going to not be very promising to say the least would be my guess. This was in the Worthington area.
  6. Like everyone else I would also like to thank Borch for putting the contest on. It adds to the fun of an already fun time of the year which is turkey season. I just find it interesting the stories and pics of guys shooting turkeys in the snow all the way to ninety plus degree heat. Congrats to my team mates for shooting those nice birds and to everyone else who bagged a bird or just had fun in the woods and fields this spring.
  7. Congrats to you and your son. Makes those early mornings worth it when it comes together.
  8. 123fish

    Last Season

    My cousin shot a nice tom on Memorial Day morning. He said he saw a lot more tom activity this last season and in the heat than he did in his earlier May season. If you have the opportunity keep hunting.
  9. Pumper don't forget to register your bird.
  10. I shoot 2 steel all season long in an improved cyclinder choke . Satisfied with that. Have a buddy who shoots Black Cloud 3's with impressive results.
  11. Congrats! Looks like your patience payed off with a great hunt.
  12. Congrats again pumper. Great story. A lot of good action in a short amount of time. I think your 23 lb. bird is pretty good to me.
  13. Congrats pumper to you and your buddy. Nice pics. Looking forward to the story.
  14. Good job DRJ. That spit and drum sound is cool especially when you are looking at them when they do it. When we used to hunt over by Caledonia I had a guy tell us that he and his wife had a tom making a sound like a train working it's way up a hill as he came in. Like "chug,chug,chug". Never really was sure what he meant by that. Keep after them MM. With all those birds you have around one of them has to make a mistake. Good luck.
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