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  1. Big Dave2, Very sorry ! Sounds like you will be going strong very soon though with your attitude! Best wishes! Cliff
  2. My neighbor found (1) morel yesterday while raking her yard! I have only found (1) morel in all of the years that I have lived Up-North! Cliff
  3. I have had very good performance from Energizer, size 29. I get them at Sam's Club. Keep them on an on-board charger whenever they are not in use. Use them almost every day! 3rd or 4th year on my second set now. Have been using my old set in my wheel house the past 3 winters with good results yet. Cliff
  4. I used the flea and tick pills last summer and had zero ticks on my Lab. Cliff
  5. Tried that method! Great way to make a nesting spot for mice and squirrels! Chewed holes in both of my portables! Safest way is to hoist the houses up against the ceiling. That way the rats can not get at them. Cliff
  7. I like the Sufix in 3# to 6#. Clear color. Cliff
  8. Good morning guys! Snowing hard here this morning. Hope it quits before it gets deep enough that I have to plow! No plans for today except to get the "Munchkin" Alumalite fish house ready for tomorrow. Have a friend coming over that fishes about once a winter and whose wife loves crappies. Hope that they are still where they were yesterday and are hungry yet! Have a good one! Cliff
  9. Sad news. Lost a few mentors like your friend also in my life. Hard to deal with at first but as time goes by you smile every time you are doing something that they had a hand in teaching you! Can bring a tear to the eyes at times also! Cliff
  10. Well I made it out to my crappie spot! It is usually a 12 mile drive on the ice to get there but the ice road that runs close to my spot was in terrible shape! Fought slush,water, and a double layer of ice for about 6 miles out and gave up before I got stuck. Took another route that was 25 miles to get there but made it! Here are the results of about 1 hour of fishing. Used plastics exclusively. Did not even bring live bait along. Used Trigger X Mustache Worm on the 1/16oz. pink jig and a Impulse 1" Mini Smelt on the Hali Jig. Love crappies deep fried in corn oil after rolling them in crushed corn flakes!
  11. Morning guys! Slept until 7:00am today! Sure felt great to get 6 hrs of sleep for once! I may try to get out on Vermilion today to see if the slush from all of the rain that we got the last couple days has dried up some. Sure put a stop to my great crappie bite, (can't get to them). Hope to get at least a few more days in catching those slabs! Cliff
  12. Probably just this cold weather! Happens all the time in my vehicles! Goes away when it warms up again. Cliff
  13. This may not be your problem but check to see if the set screw holding the auger to the motor is tight! Cliff
  14. If your motor is a four stroke it is probably the fuel injectors. That year was bad for clogged injectors! I had to finally install an in-line fuel filter, ahead of the motors filter to solve the problem of clogged injectors. Cliff
  15. I have had an 8" Ion since they first came out and love it! Not sure how many holes the 10" will cut but I am sure that It will cut all the holes that you will need in a hard house. I have never killed the battery in my 8" auger in a days fishing! Just keep the battery warm when not in use! Gave away all of my gas augers! Cliff
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