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  1. I thought all lampreys were bad. I know on Lake Superior we were told to get rid of them in the past!
  2. I used the Aqua Vu Mo-pod 3. Its a little more, but its wireless & very precise! Check them out. http://www.aquavu.com/Products/AV-LCD-Series-AV710-A715c-AV360LCD-AV740c-AV760c-AV760cz_2/Aqua-Vu-Mo-Pod-3
  3. I have the slightly older 760CZ with no "i" at the end. The sunshield helps a ton. Great design. The new "i" models are way brighter & also have a sun shield. The Aqua Vu HD 700i is the best camera on the market!
  4. I just used the Nils on a buddies M18 drill; not the fuel model. Very impressed! Super light weight & cuts like butter!
  5. I would get the Aqua Vu HD 700i. That camera looks awesome. I have the Aqua Vu 760CZ with the old style video rca jack. I really like that camera too, but the Aqua Vu HD 700i camera is so much clearer. Aqua Vu is always moving forward and makes great products.
  6. I am thinking about this Nils drill setup for my new Ice castle. Thanks for the post Frank!
  7. The Marcum Recon looks like a copy cat from the Aqua Vu micro cameras. Do not get me wrong I love my Marcum flashers, but it seams like they are following Aqua Vu.
  8. Marcum customer service is awesome!
  9. LOL. I made history! That is not my house. I have basically a LOW addition now that I put the back two holes in. Mine is a 21'-0" love it. Thinking 16" of ice for mine. Cannot wait!
  10. Hey everyone. I have been shopping around for a while looking for an Ice Castle fish house that would work for my families & friend’s needs. I am now a proud owner a 2017 8'-0" x 21'-0" with a galvanized hydraulic Berkon frame! I found Paul's Small Engine online when I did an internet search. The owner actually picked up the phone & helped me out a ton online before I stepped foot in his building. He took his time to help me find the perfect unit for me. We discussed used & new options. If you want a great price on a new or used unit this is the place to go! On used models he had h
  11. I was at the fishing show & had talked with the Aqua Vu staff. Their new HD cameras look amazing! I thought the pictures on the AV760 was great, but these are super sharp. They also stated that you can view them clearly in the direct sun light.
  12. True. I will be looking at the shows, but just wanted some extra knowledge ahead of time. You never know when a great deal pops up. Thanks.
  13. It sounds like the ice castle mechanical issues have been solved & fixed over the years. Can you be more specific to what the mechanical issues are now a days? Thanks.
  14. I really would like a yetti or firebrand, but might be going with an ice castle for the price. That way I could get a galvanized frame & the taller height & still way cheaper. Unless I go used.
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