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Musings of a psycho-redneck outdoorsman


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This is probably more of a blog type entry, but I felt like typing. You could kind of look at it as a day in the life of... Lot of hunting shows like that, but I'm never sure how real they are, pretty easy to edit video footage. I guess this could all be c r a p (why does it change that word to dump?) too, but much of it is just the facts of stupidity. If nobody finds it interesting I won't keep doing it, but here goes:


Still thinking more about hunting season prep than anything. Though I would like to get out fishing again soon, got the boat back from the 2nd repairman last night… Need to drop off the chains for the Stihl chainsaw tonight so they can get sharpened. Going to H’s property tonight to continue plowing on the big (1 acre) food plot. Ground hasn’t been plowed in approximately 50 years, so it’s rough going. Probably will stop & section up one of the limbs along the trail on my way in with the little Poulan, there’s a limb on my Master Woodcutting List that’s been bugging me every time I drive by it. I try to bring some firewood home most trips out there, as it’s 20 miles from home. Going to pull the trail camera that’s been up for two weeks too.

ACTUALLY remembered the new sheer bolts for the brush mower pto shaft today, so will put one in to make sure that it’s right. Also remembered a file to file down the mushroomed end of the loader pin that we had a hard time breaking the rust free on. If that works then I should be able to get the bucket off. Maybe taking 300-400 lbs. off the extreme front end of the tractor will help the traction & the plowing will go a little better. Those two little snafus (forgetting the bolts & the bucket pin sticking) caused me to lose a bit of my religion back in the woods on Tuesday night, hopefully I can find it tonight… Not sure why God gave me this WONDERFUL fuse, but sure need to get a better handle on it. Fellow believers please feel free to pray for that challenge of mine…

Got the ANNUAL oil change done on the old truck today & a broken cable fixed. If the odometer’s working again maybe I can clock how far the trail back to the meadow really is… Cousin thinks a mile, I think it’s ¾’s. I’ll report in tomorrow.

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My cousin was right. I clocked it to the first stand, because I forgot on the way in & was that far back out when I remembered. It was 7/10th's of a mile from the gate to there, so it's at LEAST a mile to the meadow. Got my loader bucket off last night after about a half hour of filing & pounding on one stupid pin. Tractor steered & plowed like a dream after getting all that weight off the front wheel & some shifted to the back. I'll have to take some pics of the tree roots that stopped me & some I cut. Hard to believe how far out & how big the roots are for some pretty small popples. Found plenty of rocks, lots of work to do. Back & shoulders are pretty sore after two plus hours of plowing that rough stuff with no power steering, hitting rocks & tree roots.

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I like the musings...keep it up.

I spent the better part of a weekend trying to fix my atv one year. Ran to town to get a new spark plug. Realized it was metric and ran to two towns to find the right metric tool. Ran the battery to zero trying to start it so I went back to town and bought a new battery. After almost having an aneurysm I realized it was out of gas. Switched it to auxiliary tank and it started immediately... Sometimes I think snowshoes and a canoe are the only way to go.

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Okay I'll summarize, been busy. Got the food plot done at H's place on Tuesday night. Actually planted with a buddy last Friday after some more disking & dragging, but it was still rough & the seeds didn't get covered worth a hoot. So I drug it with an old section of drag at an angle & it was pretty good. Picked 3 more loaders of rock after that. It's only a little over an acre. I swear somebody spread out a bunch of rock piles & sprinkled dirt on it all. I wonder why they quit farming that 50 years ago...

Left for bear baiting earlier in the week. Don't have a 4 wheeler, just an old 3 wheeler handed down to my son from my wife's grandparents. They actually bought it new in 1983 I think. It's in GREAT shape. Anyway went to load it in the truck, as we were pulling my buddy's 4 wheeler on a small trailer with no room for two. I set up the same 3 planks I'd used the last several times I'd loaded it & parked the truck off the side of the driveway to lower the angle. I hopped on & rode it up the planks in 1st gear like always. About the time the front wheel's going from the tailgate into the box the 2 X 6 under the left rear wheel snaps in half. It wasn't funny, but would have made some AWESOME video! In slow mo it went over backwards & I landed on my back on the gravel driveway except for my tailbone/rump area which landed on one of the other planks still elevated. Fortunately 3 wheelers are light & at 6' 1" & 225+ I can handle one pretty well. I was holding it above me & swung it off to the side. Everyone else at my place was in the house, so nobody saw it. I went & got a more sound 2 X 6 & walked it up the planks while not on it.

This is one of those things where there's the little disclaimer that says. Kids don't try this at home. (I was at home.)

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Funny you should mention that...

So a day or so later we were ready to come back from baiting bear. There were 7 of us up at this deer camp, only 3 bear hunters actually. We were leaving the little flat bed & my buddy's 4 wheeler up there, but the trailer was still hooked to my truck. Seemed logical to use his ramp to put the 3 wheeler on the trailer & then move it between the truck & trailer & load it the rest of the way. That's how we'd unloaded it, in reverse order, but of course 3 wheeler's don't have reverse, so we'd just rolled it off. I put the ramp up to the trailer, which is MAYBE 18" off the ground. The ramp is horizontal slats 12-14" apart. Figured I might as well just ride it up on to the trailer. Bad Idea! The front wheel hit the top of the ramp & the back wheels caught just right & in slow motion I go over backwards again. This time I don't hurt my rump, but rip about a 2" hole through both my shirts under my left shoulder blade & put about a foot long scrape across my back.

I had an audience of 6 that time. Again very lucky I didn't get hurt more than that. God was watching over me that time again & a few other times in the pretty recent past while cutting wood. I feel like a cat who's burned about 4 of my 9 lives in the last month.

I've been pretty sore all week, but mostly just my tail bone if I sit down wrong. I'm feeling a lot better, so I'm sure I didn't really do any serious damage.

I'm really not stupid, but it would sure appear that I am...

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