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  1. it's part of my new eating program. I guess you could call it a diet but I call it a lifestyle! I'm one day in and really one track
  2. I'm eating early tonight. I started the grill. I'm putting a chicken leg and thigh on and after about twenty minutes I'm going to turn it over and let it go another twenty minutes. Five minutes before it's done I'm going to put some frozen veggies in the microwave. When it's all done I will put it on a plate and eat it. I may have water with my meal. I'm excited.
  3. Good morning. I'm starting a new eating routine. I had yogurt and two eggs for breakfast. Have a nice day.
  4. I just read all this stuff and after I barfed I laughed that I was out of town since Friday and posted two shorts posts on the cooking forum and they were in the Good Morning thread and they were on topic and in the morning. Also, thanks for the tips on the facia I posted on the cooking forum, got us off to a good start with the ideas. Likes and pandering? I'm not a face booker and never even knew what a like was until the page changed a few months ago. My son had to point out that there were even likes on here when I was getting quite a few when my dad passed away. Thanks again for the flowers that were sent to the funeral from two guys I've never met from the cooking forum that was signed "from your friends at HSO." Typical, give credit to all, classy move. Sorry I posted the note on my dad on the cooking forum. I should have put it on the Leech Lake thread since he lived near Walker. When I can turn my "likes" into Cabelas gift cards then I will be pandering. I'm immature but not collecting likes on an outdoor page to prove my immaturity. Someone can do the math better than me but to attack the most successful forum on HSO seems preposterous. Maybe it works for a reason. The coaches didn't know how Gretzky did so well but they certainly didn't sit him down to give him a lecture on doing it different and better. My point, 50 forums and one works and the rest don't so instead of fixing the other 49 you go after the one that works, great idea!
  5. Painted window trim at my dads house yesterday and nephews put in some nice flooring in mudroom. General task weekend and can't find the crappies yet. Great time and woke up with two hounds laying on top of me looking for attention.
  6. Great. I finally get her naked and I get an eye guy tattoo looking at me. What a bad sick dream.
  7. Let's try phone posting. At cabin and I really like it here. I like the view of the lake, I like the birds sounds more, I like walking out to dock, I like that we pulled boat and motor out of lake and left uncovered all Winter and it started flawlessly, I like the new cute bartender in town. I'm even going to like doing chores today. A good attitude goes a along way to liking life and not grumbling.
  8. RH- that Kalbi marinade is so good. I don't generally like marinades and frankly I over did it and I'd bet the family may be tiring of it so I need to give it a rest. Actually, I had taken some thin cut sirloin and was just leaving it in the bag marinading in the fridge and making quick lunches and snacks with it. If you get a deal on the meat its a really cheap and good lunch and only takes 5 minutes on the grill. Could use pork too.
  9. keyword search LPS' writing; Rockwood, wine, dancing, salami, hookers. I think nearing retirement is getting too him. With a resume like that if you're looking for part time work bagging groceries in Baudette you've got no chance. Too many older guys that go to church applying for the same job as a heathen like you. I got about three hours of sleep last night, tops. I feel like Prince except taller and more alive. Heading to cabin and I've got to pack some tools. Whatever tools I forget will make for more fishing, we'll see how my packing goes.
  10. I hear ya Del. Let's say we've got about 200' of facia to replace. 12 union guys, 3 boom trucks and the union painter and we're golden.
  11. I'd try pretty hard at getting some communication going in lieu of the work and expense of a fence. I don't know the deal but if I owned it and the neighbor volunteered to clean things up I'd be all in. Feel free to move in next to me when you move. You can clean up anything in my yard that is unbecoming any time you want!!!
  12. there isn't much better than naming a gas powered item after a person. When I was a kid we had "Aunt Alice". She was a 5 horse Johnson motor by dad bought when his Aunt...let's call her Alice...passed away and left him a few bucks. We've had a lot of outboards come and go over the years but Aunt Alice was gifted to my brother in law and it still works. What a gal Aunt Alice was! Years of enjoyment provided by a woman...a rare occurrence. Wife naps...they live in a world I don't but wish I did. My wife had a few last night and was working from home today. At 9am she announced she was taking a nap. God almighty if I did that flares would be sent up and I'd have a living room full of friends and relatives for an intervention at 6pm that day. It should be the way the women do it but they don't let it be. Meanwhile us guys think that if we don't say anything about the wife napping while we're mowing the lawn we will get the same consideration. It ain't so. You could be out jackhammering the driveway and you'd see the wife in her robe yelling at you. You turn it off to hear them say, "I'm trying to sleep!" Wouldn't you like to try that? On a more fun note I play a little RIP game with a buddy. We keep track of celeb deaths by the week and the winner gets the others Warmest Personal Regards, you have to text the name. The wife helped me get Prince last week and it was a squeaker that I got by about 2 seconds. Anyway, I was at the doc today and Deb texted me a heads up that some 31 year old dirty movie actress had died. That got my easily turned gears turning and I wondered how she knew about the dirty movie gal? You follow me? Final final. You guys were right and can now consider yourself Junior MD's. The doc did give me something to try out and it is for my noggin. Frankly, I thought the doc needed it more than me, he could hardly crack a smile and I'm moderately amusing at times. The nurse was laughing at me and I was fully clothed too. I need to check the side effects of this stuff I'm sure there's some good material in there for a rambling post some day.
  13. why wouldn't I ask this question here. You old geezers have a wealth of knowledge. Our facia at the cabin needs fixing. The stuff put up was some type of manufactured type press board and it's delaminating and I know how to tear it off and replace it but was exploring other options. It's a 1x6 and has about a 1x2 on the top side that matches up with the drip edge from the roof. I think tearing it off is going to be a mess of goop rather than just a 12' section coming off and was pondering wrapping it in metal or some other idea. We may sell the place since we have my dad's place right down the road so this potentially is just a cosmetic fix to market the place better rather than me planning on owning it forever. If it's someone elses problem I don't know frankly I don't care. If I tear everything off I also assume I'm going to run into other issues that just seem to happen when you do something like this. Any other suggestions on a quick fix? Thanks.
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