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I 've been a longtime subscriber of Outdoor News, but, of late I am not happy what with the almost complete lack of BASS articles.....They have Northern and Walleye, sunfish and crappies, carp and perch, catfish and smelt, dogfish and sheepshead , deer and bear , moose and deer, cormorant and song birds, crows and crawfish , rabbits and squirrels , wolves and coyotes, BUT, no BASS.....Its one thing if the staff of Outdoor News don't like bass, but, how about the subscribers that are interested in all things bass, articles , photos, lures etc......Come on!...I sent an email to them complaining , but, no response or editorial space.......Bull Droppings!

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Maybe RK will respond (maybe not) but I would send another email to both editor and Rob Kim (RK)contributing writer, besides a great muskie fisherman I think he's admitingly stated he prefers bass over muskie IF he had too and I think he's one of my favorite contributing writers for freshwater fishing period. I too chase muskies and bass and but with kids and the wealth of bass lakes in my area I always resort to bass so a suggestive push to RK and staff at ON i think wouldn't be a bad idea.....again.


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I dropped it because its the same thing over and over and over.....

How many articles can I read about "Go deep in the heat for panfish", or "Get the heavy artillery for thick cover bass", or "Scout now for deer and increase your chances",,,, etc etc.....

its all been covered a hundred times in that publication and the oodles of other magazines.

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Bass has been beaten to death IMO. Lots of calls for "something different" right now. Contributing writers and editors are pushing "kick the can" type of articles right now. Something to get the readers excited, get their attention.

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I personally don't read the "how to's" or "bass in cover" stories. But what I do like are the articles on current events, outdoor issues, all the pictures, and cuffs and collars. Lots of good stuff in outdoor news, but like anything you sift through to your likes.

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Hiya -

Flattered that someone actually wants me to write something...I'd think you guys would be sick of me.

I do have a couple bass things in the works, but have to get some photos shot first. Heading up this weekend to hopefully do that. Not about slop though, which is too bad because I have some great photos.

To the larger discussion though...in Rob D's defense, the ODN by nature has to try to be all things to all people. If you don't trap, you don't care about trapping articles, or deer articles, or whatever. This thread is a vivid example. some guys want more, others think what they're asking for has already been done to death.

Plus, he's somewhat at the mercy of freelance writers - he has X number of pages to fill each issue, and beyond the regular columns and assigned pieces, he kind of gets what he gets. He has a wide range of interests to serve, things have to be timely, can't be totally redundant, have to have supporting artwork... It's quite a jigsaw puzzle. Plus, he has to do it every week. The guy gets worked like a rented mule 52 weeks a year. Quite honestly, I don't know how he does it. I don't think they could pay me enough to make me try.



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