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Jeremy airjer W

Week 16 Winner(s)

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After all the lefts and rights two teams beat five other teams by 2 points to take the weekly win. HOF#13 beat his previous high score by 36 points and @JAG beat his previous high score by 26 points. IMO, road courses are just as big of a shot in the dark as the super speedways making the personal bests even sweeter (or luckier grin). Congratulations to both of you!!

HOF#13 356

@JAG(Brickyard)® 356

bbqhead 354

Iron Cowboy's© 354

Tunrevir1 354

jwhjr 354


DDT26 353

elevatorguy 347

mnwildman 347

BlueLundFisherman 347

Johnsonator 345

Sudhorse44 ® 342

Sifty 342

88 fan 334

Reef Runner 325


OIF_Veteran_21B® 322

eric29 322

Rip_Some_Lip 320

Harmonica Bear 318

Pikebaycommanche 316

legend89 315

hanronson 315

2 x 4 310

wally20 300

Fishing_Novice 298

Sportland_Bait® 292

Longline® 292

Juneau4 291

kosterguide® 286

lkstage 279

huckfin 278

musky999 275

gregg52 268

Walleyes12 260

yaggie 249

Airjer 246

delzz7 240

Cheeser 232

fishinchicks 227

Double D 218

popatop17® 211

RosoRiverRat 201

48 Devils 199

BunkerBay® 192

cere19® 182

Capt.Blaine© 164

jar jar 147

bottom-bouncer® 136

Metrojoe 136

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Total Scores

DDT26 missed taking over the lead this week by 2 points. Will this be musky's last week on top?

1 musky999 4,685

2 DDT26 4,684

3 bbqhead 4,667

4 Iron Cowboy's© 4,601

5 Tunrevir1 4,582

6 jwhjr 4,559

7 88 fan 4,540

8 Rip_Some_Lip 4,509

9 Fishing_Novice 4,508

10 HOF#13 4,426

11 Reef Runner 4,413

12 elevatorguy 4,380

13 wally20 4,367

14 Johnsonator 4,355

15 2 x 4 4,332

16 huckfin 4,308

17 gregg52 4,300

17 Airjer 4,300

19 Sudhorse44 ® 4,288

20 @JAG(Brickyard)® 4,243

21 mnwildman 4,225

22 popatop17® 4,183

23 LMITOUT88 4,181

24 Juneau4 4,178

25 Pikebaycommanche 4,169

26 Sportland_Bait® 4,165

27 legend89 4,152

28 Longline® 4,145

29 hanronson 4,142

30 OIF_Veteran_21B® 4,129

31 eric29 4,126

32 delzz7 4,125

33 Cheeser 4,108

34 kosterguide® 4,098

35 BEAST 4,097

36 jar jar 4,081

37 fishinchicks 4,062

38 Double D 4,058

39 BlueLundFisherman 4,054

40 Sifty 4,023

41 Walleyes12 4,012

42 BunkerBay® 4,008

43 yaggie 3,966

44 Harmonica Bear 3,940

45 Capt.Blaine© 3,925

46 lkstage 3,910

47 bottom-bouncer® 3,850

48 cere19® 3,847

49 RosoRiverRat 3,846

50 Metrojoe 3,827

51 48 Devils 3,332

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Average points

285 (highest average to date)

Rank changes

musky999 0

DDT26 0

bbqhead 0

Iron Cowboy's© 0

Tunrevir1 0

jwhjr 2

88 fan 0

Rip_Some_Lip 1

Fishing_Novice -3

HOF#13 1

Reef Runner -1

elevatorguy 2

wally20 -1

Johnsonator 4

2 x 4 2

huckfin 0

gregg52 -2

Airjer -4

Sudhorse44 ® 1

@JAG(Brickyard)® 2

mnwildman 4

popatop17® -3


Juneau4 -2

Pikebaycommanche 4

Sportland_Bait® 1

legend89 5

Longline® 1

hanronson 5

OIF_Veteran_21B® 7

eric29 7

delzz7 -8

Cheeser -7

kosterguide® 2


jar jar -15

fishinchicks -4

Double D -7

BlueLundFisherman 5

Sifty 6

Walleyes12 -1

BunkerBay® -7

yaggie -1

Harmonica Bear 6

Capt.Blaine© -6

lkstage 3

bottom-bouncer® -4

cere19® -1

RosoRiverRat -1

Metrojoe -5

48 Devils 0

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Thanks! The blind squirrel finally found an acorn! blush There were a lot of really good scores this week. 356 points and I can only move up 1 spot in the standings...Tough bunch to try to keep pace with!

Congrats on the weekly win @JAG also.

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Nice work Jason and Jag.

Here I thought I had a great week.


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You did...342 points is an awesome score. I cannot believe how many 300+ scores there were this week!

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Congrats to the winners!

I am getting a bit depressed as the season goes on...standings-wise. One of these days I may hit more than one driver correctly! smile

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Congrats to the winners! It looks like quite a few of us at 354 all had the same drivers picked. If Ambrose hadn't had his brilliant strategy move at the end there, there may have been a big logjam at the top grin

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Make sure the adapter wiring matches the diagram on the cover of your female plug-in on your truck too.  Some use the center pin for backup lights,  yet others it is an auxiliary.  Also make sure that the lobe on the male is lining up with the lobe on the female plug-in too.
    • Trailer, one side, brake and turns dont work, same wire, same bulb filament.  Sounds like a ground problem.  With other tow vehicles its ok.  Are these 7 pin to 4s?  Could be the wrong adapter?  Not all 7 to 4 pins are the same.  Sometimes too that bad ground seeks its path through the hitch.  
    • Wrapping up the ice fishing after tomorrow. I’ve never owned a propane auger before this one and the one I have was bought used. Any storage tips?  
    • They are probably wired differently. I’ve seen this happen.    Actually I had a brand new 2015 Silverado 2500 diesel issued to me as a company vehicle and had issues galore with the factory wiring and the gooseneck trailer I was pulling. It was the biggest nightmare I’ve ever had and it was all with the factory Chevy wiring and integrated brake controller.   
    • Not the best time of year to be laying in the cold and slop under a truck tracking down wires but I have done that as well. Sounds like you then need to track down the yellow wire on the truck and see where it may be corroded and shorted somewhere.  
    • Thanks for the response leech. I purchased an adapter similar to that one with the test lights. Both trailers I tried are almost new and both have LEDS. All work great with Moms SUV and Dads truck. I’m thinking it has to be somthing corroded or a broken wire on the truck end. But figuring that out is out of my reach.
    • Sounds like it may be a bad harness on the trailer it's self.  Get one of these and test the truck again. If all works it's time to fix or replace the trailer harness. I've done both on the 5 different snowmobile trailers I have had over the years. It could just be a bad corroded or shorted rear light fixture on that one side or a shorted wire on that side.   ATB 16687 Truck Trailer Vehicle Plug Tester 7 Round Blade 4 Pin Wire Light Brake RV Tow  
    • I know this forum gets very little people now days but maybe someone could help me out. So I purchased my self a new ( to me) 2000 Silverado 1500 back in August. Be mindful this is my first truck/vehicle. So I tow often ( boat, snowmobiles, atvs, kayak). But the guy I bought it from had said all trailer lighting works great. So I didn’t think much of it. Well a few weeks after I bought it I hooked up a trailer to try the lights.... well. All running lights work perfect, but, no drivers side signal or brake light, passenger side brake light and signal work great. I have tried 3 different trailers and have tried them on 2 other vehicles everything works great. So first thought is Check fuses right? So it was in at a Chevy dealer getting some work done so I had them cheak it out. Fuses all look good and they told me all trailer lights work perfect. So I thought well maybe my 7 pin to 4 flat adapter was bad. I bought a new one of those and tried again. I got one with the test lights on it and sure enough all lights worked great UNTIL I hooked up a trailer. When I did this it kicked out the drivers side brake light and signal on the trailer. At this point I’m feed up with this issue and I’m to worried about getting nailed so I only tow a little ways from home. Anyone have any thoughts on what this could be? I was thinking maybe a bad ground on truck? But how would you know? And also this truck has spent it entire life in Florida until last May so this is the first winter in MN. But it shouldn’t matter since I tried the lights back in the end of August. Thanks a lot!
    • So reviving a dead thread ..

      The "park switch" may be the cause of the parasitic draw on some of the console equipped models, 
      it's an inexpensive switch that sends a shutdown signal to the BCM. When it goes bad the dash lights do not shut off and it drains the battery. 
      Fords fix is to replace the whole shifter assembly at around $650.00, they do not sell just the switch. 
      Here is the replacement switch with an more detailed explanation of why it happens.

      Its under e bay listing 292931561061