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Big buck for the record

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Thought you might enjoy seeing this. It is one of the most spectacular racks I've ever seen, and I was fortunate enough to see it up close. Rick Shoenrock brought it by the store last weekend...I've got a couple nicer photos at the shop.

The photo:

"Rick Schoenrock of Alexandria shot this buck on Saturday's deer opener. The deer had 34 total points, of which about 26 of them are legal scoring points."

Here's the story From the EchoPress, Alexandria:
Joe Albert, Staff Reporter

Rick Schoenrock of Alexandria had shot big deer before. Just a few years ago, he shot a 14-point buck...the deer of a lifetime in most hunters' books.

But this year, h e bested that with a state record-class non-typical buck that sports about 26 measurable points on its antlers. A local taxidermist who looked at the deer guessed conservatively that it would score in the mid-220s in Boone and Crockett points.

The deer will be in the top 10 of non-typical bucks ever shot in the state and has a good chance to be the largest buck shot this year in Minnesota. The state-record non-typical buck was shot in 1974 and scored 268 5/8 points. It had 41 p oints.

Schoenrock shot his deer near Huntersville in Wadena County, about 80 miles north of here, at about 8:00 on Saturday morning. He didn't reveal if he shot it on public or private land.

Schoenrock has hun ted t he land for nearly 20 years and seen other big deer from the same stand, but nothing approaching this deer, which weighed about 200 pounds field dressed.

"I didn't know what to expect," Schoenrock said. "The DNR said there was a ton of deer, but I had been up there a few times this summer and hadn't seen much."

He was hunting a field right next to a swamp and first noticed the deer when it was about 600 yards away. Until the time he shot it, Schoenrock w asn't sure how big it was.

While Schoenrock was scouting the area, he noticed a large tree on which a deer had rubbed its antlers. As he watched the deer steadily approach him, he thought it was probably heading to that spot.

"He was going cautiously through the open field, but every time he would stop, he was covered," Schoenrock said.

The deer was also walking straight toward him, not allowing a shot.

Finally, when the deer was 200 yards away, he had his chance.

The deer ran about 40 yards after Schoenrock shot it and crashed into a thick stand of trees.

"I was shocked when I saw this horse," Schoenrock said.

A Boone and Crockett official will measure the deer, but it must be measured again 60 days after the deer was taken for an official score.

Alexandria Outfitters
915 Hwy 29 N NE
Alexandria, MN 56308
(320) 763-9598

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I assume it will be or at least close to it! I have been hearing some stories lately talking about some very large deer taken in MN this year. I believe most were typicals but I am not sure. That is a world class buck anywhere!

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Are there any other pics than this? It honestly doesn't look that big in this pic. Obviously doesn't do it justice.

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Question: how can an animal have 34 points and then someone say 26 scoreable points? How can it be a point if isn't scoreable? From what I have been told it has to be 1" before it is scoreable and only then is it a point. Hey a 26 pointer is a nice animal by any standard. Was there ever a "green" score?

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