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  1. I'm planning a Spring Break trip with my son. March 10-14. Hoping to do some backwater fishing (as we are used to that kind of tackle from fishing in Minnesota). Possibly do a deep sea or offshore day. We'd really like to find a bowfishing opportunity. We will most likely be staying on Taveirne or Key Largo (day trip to Islamorada). Can you point me to anyone that does bowfishing in that area? Thanks!
  2. It does say any unoccupied stand is public...
  3. Excellent points to ponder! That is at the heart of the issue with this letter, I think. Did you know that the state of minnesota even had (still has?) a hunter recruitment coordinator? The governor appointed a position to work on recruitment within the sport. This fellow worked hard to find some answers to the 'why' question, and helped push the Archer in the Schools program here in MN. This 'anti' organization has been around awhile. We can't afford to brush them off as 'morons or idiots'. We should respond by ensuring the legacy of sport hunting. Take a friend hunting. take a kid hunting.
  4. I believe you may need the FAS or a Hunter Education course in order to purchase a big game license.
  5. We've heard rumblings from time to time about anti hunting groups. They seem to be fringe groups, loosely organized. But we really shouldn't dismiss any threat to our hunting heritage. This letter to the editor of my local paper is distressing. Not because I think this organization is a force to be reckonned with, but because some of the facts he points to are reasonably alarming. He claims hunting is fading away, it is on the decline, so join his group and help finish it off. We shouldn't give groups like this much attention, but we should consider the argument, and be sure we are doing w
  6. The price is a good deal. hard to find a used grumman for less than that. If it actually an Old Town, it would be a good vehicle.
  7. The folks at Nature Vision (AquaVu) once had a Bird camera mounted to a feeder. As Steve suggested, perhaps build the nest box around the camera. If you went the aqua-vu route, you would have IR option for low light condition. Might be able to find a salvageable one on hsolist or hsolist.
  8. How are any of these lures helpful if you're hogtied and blindfolded?? Assuming they remove the blindfold and free at least my left arm to cast, i'd probably opt for the beetle spin on light tackle. but what part of what river is this location? spillway below a dam? near an access? off or under a bridge? (sips a cold one) twenty minutes is a tight time line. other than tournaments and guide trips, has anyone ever pressured themselves like this: i.e. HAVE to catch a fish? I always do the 'one more cast and then i'm leaving' unless i don't get a bite on the last one. then it's always...one mo
  9. I was fortunate to tangle with a big pike a few years back. Fortunate that I didn't hook it anyway! I was fishing for bass and crappies, and tied into what I was sure was a 5-6 lb largemouth. I felt the tap, set the hook, and then it ran and steered to deeper water. It actually pulled me along, like I was a big bobber! I worked it for a few minutes, till it was right below me. I looked over the side and saw that I'd hooked a 12 inch largemouth...that was gripped sideways by a huge pike. Only about an inch or two of the tale and head were sticking out each side of its mouth. She'd run a bit a
  10. The point of playing the fish with the drag is noteworthy. Watch several of the 'big fish' archery videos, and you'll see them employing spinning reels for that reason. The simplicit of the AMS bottle reel is nice though. And they do make a left hand model (that's how I shoot!). But, hard to pass up the clearance price you got on the 808! One thing you'll want to check on it: is the pick up pin on the reel metal or plastic? Some early 808's had a plastic pick up pin that would snap off under pressure. I believe the later one's went back to a metal pickup.
  11. Well reasoned reply CNC. Another thought I've passed on to younger folks: If you relocate, your lifetime license is still good...especially thoughtful if you're a student that may move out of state.
  12. Other tips for the first timer: Aim Low...can't say it enough. say it to yourself before every shot...you'll say it after as well. You'll miss a lot too...don't get discouraged. Turn the poundage down. You'll be pulling quick and hopefully often, so you're not using the same poundage you did in the fall. Instinctive shooting is best, ditch the sights. Polarized sunglasses are a key piece of equipment. With the kit, you most likely have a drum or spool...watch the wind and the loose line, make sure it's wrapped and ready for each shot. Aim low. use a safety slide. don't tie the line d
  13. I believe you'd need a non-resident angling license to bowfish.
  14. The local library is a good place to start...search Archery in the catalog system, you'll find a number of useful titles. If you want peripheral type material, look for books or articles on the history of archery...the Fred Bear story, or Pope and Young...very interesting how archery was 'rediscovered' in this country. Good luck and good shooting!
  15. Loud in what way, also... is it a vibration? a buzz? or a 'thwack'...I would agree with some of the other observations regarding the arrow weight. Inspect the limbs and limb pockets. The cable guard/slide could also be the culprit. as mentioned, have a buddy listen for where the sound seems to be coming from. Best if you could do it right there at Scheels, or a pro shop and they could tweek it right there.
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