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  1. Sounds good....I'll send him a message. Thank you!
  2. I am hoping to find out some decent wildlife management areas to bow hunt. I was thinking about Pike county...maybe Ted Shanks WCA or maybe Ranaker? Any thoughts on these or other areas?
  3. Hey fellas, I have some really good friends in Denver....they are not really outdoorsman and have definitely never done any tip up fishing. I am hoping to take them to a lake within a few hours of Denver that has some decent northerns in it....does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Temp stayed steady at 250* When I had the lid off to baste it would spike to 300*. I used a basic beer mop and mopped every 40 minutes or so. It only took about 3 hours to smoke...I just went by appearance on the outside...when it was nice and crusty I took it off. Let it rest for 10 minutes and cut into it. I used hickory and lump charcoal. The friends that were supposed to come over backed out....YEAH....more leftovers for me! It's hard to beat a cold meatloaf sammich!
  5. meatloaf presmoke peach cobbler...turned out to be pretty tasty this time the finished product...homemade biscuits were awesome...the meatloaf was the best I've done...it just sits in there and soaks up the smoke...awesome flavor!!!
  6. It all turned out really good. I can't believe how good meatloaf is smoked.....what unbelievable amount of flavor you get....the meat just soaks up the smoke and I had everything in the kitchen thrown into the meat....very tasty! I will post pics tonight when I get home
  7. We are having some friends over today for dinner soooo...............I thought that's a good enough reason to fire up the smoker again right!? I am going to smoke a meatloaf using ground sirloin and pork sausage. Homemade mac and cheese Homemade buttermilk biscuits Attempt number 2 for homemade peach cobbler....last weeks attempt at this FLOPPED.
  8. The fatty was smoked at a temp of about 275-300. I actually just went by the appearance of the bacon on the outside instead of inserting a temp probe....the pork sausage was a very thin layer...so it doesn't take long for that to brown....the bacon on the outside takes a little bit of time though. I always smoke a brisket low and slow. The longer you cook...the more tender it will be. This brisket wasn't tough...it actually resembled pulled pork...which I don't like in my brisket...when I tried to slice it...it just fell apart. Not a terrible thing...but not how I prefer it. The brisket was smoked at a temp of 225*. Thanks for the compliments!
  9. LOL.....that's funny. Thanks fellas. I enjoy cooking like women enjoy shopping and watching the Lifetime channel. Today for lunch I mixed some of my burnt ends from the brisket with the homemade baked beans....and I think I just created another meal idea....holy carp is this good! ProV.....believe it or not I have never even wet a line in Canada before. Sad but true. Money and opportunity have escaped me so far
  10. I posted all the pictures in the cooking section....enjoy The only thing that would have made this better...would have been cooking all of this while sitting on the ice watching tip ups
  11. All in all it went well. Brisket was a little over done for my taste....but everything else turned out really good. brisket....I have never had one shrink down as much as this one did. bacon/apple crusted pork loin going in the smoke pork spares ready to go in I forgot take pictures as the meat was coming off...but here is a picture of everything on a cookie sheet And what my plate looked like for about 3 minutes For breakfast Sunday I made a breakfast fatty. Weave bacon on saran wrap maple flavored sausage formed into a big patty went on top of the bacon On top of the sausage went cooked hashbrowns...scrambled eggs...and cheese of course I rolled that up as best I could and used toothpicks to sort of of hold it shut. And the finished product....it was reeeeeeeally good! A look at the inside Hope you enjoy the pictures
  12. LOL...so I get home last night and my mother in law says...I have been craving some ribs....if I buy them would you mind smoking them along with brisket? So lets add 3 full racks of pork spare ribs to the menu as well!! Brisket went on this morning at 6:30am. Here are a few pics of the smoker I built and the brisket that is now sitting in hickory smoke After the Wooster Sauce A little of the rub applied My smoker And the brisket just before it hit the smoke
  13. This post will eventually have a few pictures...if I remember to take them! lol I am smoking a brisket tomorrow along with a apple/bacon crusted pork loin. I plan on smoking a peach cobbler for dessert as well. Breakfast Sunday morning will be a bacon wrapped fatty. On the inside of this treat is breakfast sausage, hashbrowns, eggs, and cheese. Along with whatever else I have laying around. I built a smoker a couple weeks back and it's time try it out
  14. LOL.....I actually built my own smoker a couple weeks back. Took a 55 gallon steel food grade drum...burnt the paint liner out of it....used a coarse grinder and ground off whatever didn't burn off...painted the outside....welded some steel bars for shelves. I have 4 22.5 inch racks to cook on. Turned out better than I expected. So.......since I have this smoker...I might as well throw a brisket and pork loin on tomorrow right? With some peach cobbler for dessert?
  15. Well...it's in the books. Lets hope it stays there! Yes, I will be driving from Texas...pick my buddy up in Iowa...and then on up to Yellowknife. 6,000 miles round trip for me. I need to get my paws on a wall tent so we can just stay out on the ice...definitely an adventure in the purest form!
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