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  1. Yes, they now come with a tag on them with a serial number so people don't mix them up on the ICE-55/385ci combo units. Those units come with two transducers and they are not interchangeable. As for the person who was wondering about interference from two Humminbird units near each other, that is not an issue. I use them together all the time and rarely need to make any adjustments. Last weekend we fishing two 55's and two 385ci units in the same house without an issue after some simple adjustments.
  2. Scouting is complete, fish are waiting to be had! Make sure you bring the ICE-45 with. Most of the issues people have with the Humminbird units is user error. There are a lot of different settings that can be adjusted to make the end result much better. Still won't make the fish bite but the unit should do everything you need it to do on the ice, plus a lot more!
  3. I use it to mark the sweet spot when I am fishing in weeds. Even with the Narrow Beam you will pick up weeds when they are really thick. I use the Target to set the spot I am fishing so I know where to lower my jig to. Also, when fishing Lake Trout over deep water it works great. Usually the fish are coming through at a certain depth. I use the target line to mark that depth so I know where to start jigging. Same is true with suspended crappies, helps you fish above them.
  4. That is an interesting theory. I won in ICE45 and it was partially assembled when I got it. I have not been all that impressed and have been using my 20 year old FL-8 because it works better. I am going to remove that support cable and see if that helps. Thank you. You should have left the unit just as I had assembled it, you would have been impressed! See you Friday.
  5. No matter what brand you buy you are going to have issues. You had a great unit with your Humminbird ICE-45 and as others have said, took a step backwards by going with the 12. Your problem was an internal electrical problem that was going to require a new unit to be sent. If you have ever dealt with Humminbird Customer Service you would have wished you had never changed brands. But, to each their own. Humminbird has an excellent product that uses some of the latest technology to give you some options on ice that no one can. As for the person getting the reading 1.2 feet you can fix that by not fishing in the "A" mode and make sure your transducer is clean on the bottom and below the bottom of the ice. You are getting a reading off the ice. If you do the above, your inside scale will read correctly.
  6. I just want to add that MarCum appreciates your feedback and most of the suggestions that have come up here are being addressed already. I think over time you will find that MarCum is very intune to your concerns and continuously trying to improve their products. ------------------ Mille Lacs Guide Service (320)293-3287 www.millelacsguideservice.com
  7. Scott Steil

    L-X3 zoom ??

    It was nice meeting you Hastings Gal. I said Hi to Joel for you also. If anyone has problems or questions in regards to their LX-3 you can feel free to email me. ------------------ Mille Lacs Guide Service (320)293-3287 www.millelacsguideservice.com
  8. Soak your line in water before you go out or live with it until that Powerpro absorbs some water. That is why I don't use that stuff. ------------------ Mille Lacs Guide Service (320)293-3287 www.millelacsguideservice.com
  9. Timing is everything, I caught a crappie this weekend on Red Lake that measured 15 and 7/16 inches long. I had it measured about 10 times. This fish was 3 inches thick when layed on its side. The fish weighed 2lbs 7.8 ounces. That is my biggest crappie to date. So, Sunny, I still say your fish was 2 1/2 pounds. ------------------ Mille Lacs Guide Service (320)293-3287 www.millelacsguideservice.com
  10. or...............you could just buy an LX-3 and you would have that adjustable zoom at the push of a button. And, you get the zoom where you want it. ------------------ Mille Lacs Guide Service (320)293-3287 www.millelacsguideservice.com
  11. 1/8 ounce Glow Devil, that is an easy one. ------------------ Mille Lacs Guide Service (320)293-3287 www.millelacsguideservice.com
  12. When you talk about crappies you should specifiy Black or White. White crappies seem to get a lot bigger then blacks and a lot faster. I would imagine the one caught in Nebraska was a white. We used to catch huge whites in Iowa. ------------------ Mille Lacs Guide Service (320)293-3287 www.millelacsguideservice.com
  13. It is my understanding, the old Strikemaster Polar Vision, is MarCum Technology. ------------------ Mille Lacs Guide Service (320)293-3287 www.millelacsguideservice.com
  14. Very good post. I was lucky enough to get to use the units side by side for the entire winter last year. My findings are similar to yours. With a couple additions. I love the swing arm compared to the float. With the swing arm I rarely get tangled with my transducer if I can't get it out of the hole. Second, the display on the LX-3 takes a couple days to get used to if you are used to seeing the bigger/blurred display on the FL-8 or 18. Once you get used to looking at the thin line crisp display of the LX-3 you will like it much better. As for open water. I ran an LX-3 and Fl-18 on my Ranger last year. I used both very often but honestly I NEVER used the bottom lock feature. Both units worked fine without it and I never had a need for it. The nice thing about the LX-3 in open water was the fact that I could run it with my Lowrance electronics still on. I had problems with the Vexilar and interference with my Lowrance Graphs. As you said, both units will help you catch more fish, not just on the ice but in your boat. After a lot testing I elected to go with the MarCum LX-3's for this year. I also like the fact that MarCum makes the best underwater camera's out there and I use my Camera in combination with my LX-3 a lot. ------------------ Mille Lacs Guide Service (320)293-3287 www.millelacsguideservice.com [This message has been edited by Scott Steil (edited 01-22-2004).]
  15. Mark, I am going to be at the event in the AM before take off. I have clients in our Sleeper house and an evening guide trip on the lake. So, it will be a busy day for me. But, I will be around all weekend. I will be around during registration and before take off in the AM to talk fishing with anyone who wants to. Mille Lacs is a great lake and one of the few lakes that give you a GREAT chance at a trophy fish every time you wet your line. The fishing has been off & on but it looks like the weather conditions look pretty favorable for this Saturday. Looking forward to meeting everyone. I am the guy in the red Guidewear. Make sure you stop by and say hi. ------------------ Mille Lacs Guide Service (320)293-3287 www.millelacsguideservice.com [This message has been edited by Scott Steil (edited 01-21-2004).]
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