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  1. I am in full support and hope they bring the same regulations to my area as well. At this point the majority in the APR area are in favor keeping the regulation permanent. Looks like the buck harvest is increasing each year as well. APR's seem to work as far as moving the age structure. This is great news!
  2. I have observed two moose which appeared to have the brain parasite. Both were about 20 years ago. One in particular was difficult to watch. It was a mature cow that essentially ran in circles for hours (really tight circles, almost like it was chasing its tail). Weirdest thing I ever saw. Called the CO back then and the sheriff came for a look. I assisted in dispatching the animal. Meat was given away and appeared to be just fine. The eventual death of the animal is not a pleasant one. From all my experiences in NW MN I would lean toward the brain parasite as the biggest cause of the decline. Something changed in the 70's to the 80's that took about 20 years or so to wipe them out almost completely. I wonder if there was a big change in the type of chemicals used in farming back then? Or did some parasite become more prolific...who knows. I hope they solve it though, what a majestic animal.
  3. There is a lot more going on than wolves. In NW MN during the years of high moose numbers, there were very few or no wolves in most areas. There are wolves now but they came to many areas after the moose were gone. In the good years I once saw 8 bulls in the same field. A couple at 50 inches. I have not seen a moose in my area now for 3 years and that is sad.
  4. Come on Musky, tell us how you really feel
  5. jlm


    LOL! People are funny. If they only some some grip on reality instead such a narrow view?
  6. Wow, congrats, hopefully many more to come!!!
  7. Amazing adaptation! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Wow. I suspect that is not MN? Or is it? If so, must be very private or fenced?
  9. I am actually surprised that is all the complaints they got and all the citations that were issued. There is much more baiting going on out there than that! Just a thought out loud I guess
  10. jlm

    .270 or .25-06?

    Both are great rounds and will do the job. Both are also very accurate. In my opinion, the .270 wins because of what you stated earlier and because there are a ton of ammo choices. The .270 is the greatest round ever created in my opinion. Good luck!
  11. jlm

    Trail cam

    I would second the IR cameras, they are very good for the money. Battery life is fantastic as stated (compared to the cheaper flash cameras). Only drawback is the blurred pics of deer when moving but you will get that with other cameras as well. Can't go wrong with the Mountrie line of IR cameras! Good luck!
  12. No worries, there are still plenty of places you can hunt for free if you are willing to do some scouting and knocking on doors. Leasing is a growing trend however. I think we as hunters need to continue to advocate and support public hunting lands. Particularly in the southern 1/3 of the state. We should always have room for anyone that wants to hunt!!!!!
  13. Lot of good posts. I do agree, the area (north of TRF) gets a ton of hunting pressure. Personally, if you are looking for an area with good genetics and big racks, the area you speak of would not be the best option (in my opinion). Matter of fact, your area near Frazee is much better genetic-wise. All of central MN is prime as is the southern part of the state. Even with age, you may not get big racks in the area you intend to purchase. If you are just looking for a place where you have more space, this area will give you a lot of options as there is tons of public land. Land is significantly cheaper as well. Whatever you decide, having your own spot is better than what most have so count your blessings! Good luck!
  14. Perhaps it depends on the area. Last weekend I saw 4 bucks trailing and chasing one doe. It was a sight to see. That is pretty late for the normal rut and a bit early for the second round (when non-bred and yearling does go into estrous). I have seen chasing every season I ahve hunted with BP (and that is numerous). Some years its more than others but I have always seen it. I think a lot depends on the number of bucks left from the rifle season, the pressure throughout all the seasons, and food source relative to your hunting location (to draw in the does). In my opinion, it can be better than the rut as there is far less hunting pressure. You get to see the chasing with little disturbance.
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