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  1. I have both. First you need to think about what your fishing and how. If you rarely go deeper than 20ft. Then go with the side imaging. I use my side imaging primarily in the spring to look for rock beds and new weed growth that holds walleyes in the spring when shallow. Once I start moving deeper, I stop using side imaging and rely more on my sonar and down imaging. You need to truly understand how it works. the deeper you go, the more water you are reading and the less defined your image is. When I use my side imager I also keep it set at 70ft to get better definition. I would venture to say that 75% of anglers would benefit from down imaging more than side imaging. If you can afford it, go with a unit that has both as I did. That way you can switch back and forth when the circumstance dictates.
  2. In fact the 2 times I had work were new seals and a up and down button from using it so much.
  3. The E-Tech on my 08 Ranger has 1000 hours on it. I know this because it started acting up and after the tech did the recommended 1000 hr service that Ranger told him to do it runs like a top again. So my 08 Vantage probably has 4 - 5000 hrs on it as I use it WAY more than my E-Tech. I've had work done on it occasionally over the years but probably don't have more than $300 spent on that altogether.
  4. Muskie opener June 7th 2015. That needs to also be considered into the equation if you want a shot at one. That 1st couple weeks in June might be the best option on finding a place that will rent for 3 days. After the kids are out of school, you tend to see less places allowing that.
  5. My thought is that once a fish goes to the taxidermist and is cleaned for mounting. The carcass ceases to be a viable fish that could be counted in ones daily/possession limit. I have four deer mounts on my wall. If mounts were to be counted, I would never be able to hunt again.
  6. The best part though is that you will only do it once, once!
  7. I'm putting this up for a friend 1974 Starcraft with a 35 HP Evinrude 1979 runs and starts well. Older Minn Kota bow mount electric motor, two gas tanks one 6 gallon and one 3 gallon, bearing buddy’s , transom saver, new rollers on trailer bunks, spare tire, spare newly rebuilt prop, two new spark plugs, and boat cover. $1300 OBO I have seven more pictures if anybody wants me to email them. Randy 218-444-9307
  8. This was a second boat. The one behind it could be bought, but another "0" would have to be added to the price.
  9. $4000 with Humminbird 858HD DI. $3000 with just the Lowrance LMS 480m. Also has a Minn Kota Traxxis 55 for the transom. Not pictured. Can email more pics if interested.
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