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  1. Definitely worthwhile. But, it wont gaurantee you that big buck. But it gets the blood moving when you know there is something around that would make ya pee your pants if you saw it. Crazy what walks around the woods that you never lay eyes on. Almost gets you frustrated sometimes even, knowing there are deer around that you would tag if given the chance, but you never once lay your own eyes on them. Brand choice??? Ford vs Chevy argument in a lot of cases these days. Lots of good cams at a variety of prices. Do a search for "chasing game" on the internet, and get all the reviews you want on every cam made.
  2. I dont think it grosses 205. If it was truly a state record potential, I'd sure think we would have seen something about it in some publication by now. Or the guy is Mitch Rampola's cousin, and isnt going to ever officially score it or display it.
  3. B Amish is correct. I think I posted it in fact. Got it from someone to post up. I'll believe the story when its in print somewhere with some solid info behind it. Seems to be another case like the other hundred record bucks sent around the internet that never surface again.
  4. Is it a pic of the guy holding the head in his kitchen?
  5. Good luck digging a hole during muzzleloader and late archery season.
  6. Fleet is a for sure place to check out.
  7. My Dads construction partner found 3 sheds this weekend just north of East Battle Lake(OTC). All from different deer.
  8. I need a plow for a Grizzly 450. Several options out there. I know I want a 60 inch. But what brand? Any set ups better than others for easy connect? I dont need a state plow. Just want a standard 60 inch. I did some googles but didnt seem to narrow my search much. And how much for a complete set up. PS - using the winch, so no hand lever needed.
  9. My stator just croaked on my Kodiak. No spark no matter what I did. $450 to fix that mess. OEM stator was $550 just for the part. I ended up ordering an aftermarket one from RMStator for $140 off of E bay.
  10. Can someone point to the language in the rule book that says you cannot use a dog to recover a deer? This is all I can find: • A person may not use a dog or horse to take big game.
  11. Admittedly I have lost 2 deer with bow. And both were shots that most would call "gimmes". No idea what happened in either case. But with that said, I am even more overly picky on my shots now. So as mentioned above about people saying no here, and in reality taking that shot; I would NOT take that shot. No way, no how. I am not just saying it because I am at the keyboard. Change the scenario. If it was a doe. Would you take the shot? Why is it that when antlers are on the head, that the rules of good hunting ethics get thrown out the window? Too often, antlers up top, make a lot of people take shots that otherwise wouldnt be taken. I dont get the mentality of that.
  12. Nope. The time of year should not matter. The question isnt about how worried you are about filling your tag. Its how worried are you that you could make a clean kill? OK, maybe thats the way I read into the situation. But if its a bad shot on day 1, its a bad shot on day 90 of the archery season.
  13. The DNR is just out to ruin hunting for us. I want bigger bucks and more deer. Why cant I have both? JK It all makes sense. They dont have an easy job.
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